Pursuading Order

There are times when I really notice order. I admit it’s not usually when I’m looking around my house.
It becomes particularly apparent when I’m looking through the camera lens. In a sense I’m always drawn to order even though I don’t always practice it. I like looking at it, I appreciate carefulness and am also drawn to certain repetition and routine. I relish the quiet rhythms of movement in yoga and climbing or cycling and even walking across the earth. I suppose these kinds of order are like a meditation. A way of centreing oneself in an often uncontrollable world. I realize making images is part of this for me. You might be surprised at the number of times I rearrange them on these pages. Thinking about how one image flows to the next or how your eye is drawn through the series.
It makes me think about the sense of order demonstrated by others when I happen across it. Perfectly lined up trees, immaculate summer lawns, thoughtful gardens or carefully placed tools of industry. And then there are natures own brilliant repetitions of shapes, showing up over and over again. There is a comfort in that order.
I like to think I tread lightly on the earth. It may not be so, but when I tread I am always appreciating the natural order that is underfoot, and trying myself to persuade just a little into existence.

101 thoughts on “Pursuading Order

  1. These are beautiful. I respect the ability – the art, rather — that you put in to making things flow. Your sets of images always have a compelling unity to them, even as they are distinct.

    I like to reach for order, too, but the best I get is slight disharmony. I’ve a cluttered sort of mind. I try to make that my own though.

  2. These are lovely images. The avenue of trees particularly. The picture just draws you on, into the unknown. I find myself contemplating where does it lead? I like that. It’s a picture I could quite happily hang on my wall.

  3. Effortlessly elegant words. The images are very very good! This is what i want after a day of strain and stress. πŸ™‚ Regards, Steve

      1. Ha! I’ll give you a warm beach for nothing! I prefer to look at snowy days through your images! πŸ™‚ I feel like I’m there, but without the numb toes!

  4. Beautiful images and thoughts too.. Serious snow there Karen.. I had wind, rain and mist to contend with recently as you know and you have a blizzard by the looks of it !

    1. We got a few inches of snow, I was just lucky to be out when it was coming down heavily. I love going out during snowfalls! I guess you can relate to that! =)
      Thanks Helen.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these, here in North Central PA we usually have four very distinct seasons, but this year Winter has been nearly non-existent, with less than 6 inches of snow in my area. I very much enjoyed these photographs.

    1. Our winter started out really slowly this year, February seems to be the banner month for snow.
      I’m glad to share it with you! I bet Husky would love to roll in it too! Thanks.

  6. These are so lovely, Karen. And yes, comforting. Like listening to Bach. It’s healing, I think – there’s something in this kind of natural order that we respond to. Thank you for these – they are wonderful.

  7. I really like a couple of those first ones where you have the orderliness/symmetry of the trees contrasted with the randomness of the snow falling. PS: Did you see the ice fishing post on Freshly Pressed today?

  8. And the words you write put me in just the right rhythmic mood to see the images. My mother is an artist but she doesn’t like to talk about what she does. She says you’d never ask a writer to paint what they do, so why ask an artist to use words. I appreciate her meaning but I also think it’s wondrous when an artist can do both.

    1. Hi Anna, I don’t set out to write much at all about images but sometimes the images themselves clarify thoughts for me. I guess it’s a bit like noticing things about yourself as you go. I’m not sure I articulate myself very well but I like the exploration.

      1. You’re very welcome…and I’m sure it was. πŸ™‚

        I was up to my knees in it this weekend hiking in the mountains…so beautiful!

  9. wow Karen, this is a beautiful series! Your words are so engaging, and the images are like sketches. What a great angle! I really enjoyed these (and it’s amazing how much I like to look at order, yet thrive in living in a bit of disorder!)

  10. Karen, each is enchanting in its own way. It’s impossible to choose a favorite one. I love the snow falling, the horizon disappearing into the snow, the wind in the trees, the colors. There is so much to see in each photo. πŸ˜€

    I also know how photography keeps me centered as well. Something I am compelled to do. Today’s photos are spring appearing but will not have time to post them. πŸ˜‰

  11. Beautiful Karen. I’m also very drawn to order and repeated patterns found in nature. I loved these because of the wonderful trees – something we don’t have around here. And your writing is just as magical as the photos!

    1. Our landscapes are so different, it’s really fascinating to see your images of Norway. It really makes me want to visit! Thanks Erica and I am certainly looking forward to more of your posts.

  12. Karen – I am sure that the famous ‘That’s another fine mess you’ve got me into!’ quote from Laurel and Hardy would change into ‘That’s another fine set of photographs you’ve got me into!’ if only they were still around to see them! This is another lovely set of art photographs that should be on a gallery wall with all of your other fine sets! Have you had any exhibitions yet, Karen?



  13. I feel like I’m always commenting here, but I just can’t help myself – these are stunning Karen..the muted colours and lines..just beautiful. I agree about symmetry and finding order in things – I can’t quite manage it in my life either, but I love to find this kind of order visually, in design, art and photography – I find it extremely comforting!
    It must get exhausting going through all these comments! You will have to become crap for a while, so that people aren’t so compelled to respond..hehe..
    And I agree with the above comment – exhibition soon!! πŸ™‚

  14. Another great post! Filled with winter and form! I think my favorite is the one of the trees all in lined up in a single row. I don’t know exactly why I love it so much but perhaps it is due to the fact that I can feel the trees’ strength through the snow storm being pelted at them. I also love how there is order found in nature. Brilliantly beautiful work as always, Karen! Well done πŸ™‚

  15. The first and last images are my favourite, but wow – all of them are so light and airy. You really know how to capture the symmetry in nature – that is a talent!

    I would also hang one of these on my wall. You should open an etsy shop!

  16. hello.
    just a quick thought – i feel equally at ease taking photographs in the most crowded big city as i do out in the middle of the most desolate desert. it seems, even to myself, a fairly unusual mix.
    reading your post a light bulb went off. that’s what i look for in my photography: order. thanks for highlighting this often overlooked aspect of photography

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