74 thoughts on “The Shape of Gravity

  1. Bonjour Karen ,

    En cet Instant Repose , une Toute Autre Dimension ,
    L’Oeil Trouve Hors Propension , Magie en Etat de Cause ,
    Avant Mรฉtamorphose , l’Onde en Gravitation ,
    Sur le Seuil de l’Action , Agit par Petite Dose .
    Becs si j’Ose ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Despite the fact that I work a lot with forms in nature, the non-photographer in me, who grew up like any other person in the 20th century and has all the usual associations with the familiar items of modern life, can’t help coming to the fore and seeing this as a light bulb hanging from an electric cord.

  3. It does look like an ornament. Or I should say that it reminds me why we have icicle/droplet ornaments. I am so far from ice and rain I forget. What is reflected in there, Karen? Is that the woods or…?

    1. Anna, it is the trees around it that are reflected. It is also partially frozen so I’m not sure how that may have effected the reflection… there could be things in there I don’t know about….

  4. terrific shot to go with a great title. I can’t believe, knowing the care you take, that the way the background is aligned and focused into such a great pattern is accidental. Very nicely done

      1. I find also that one can arrange things in the lens of the drop so that they are more interesting, by moving around. That is what I suspected you must have done for this one since that arrangement in the drop is so nice.

  5. Really incredible. It makes me want to sit here for a while and try to come up with something …profound aha, but as I know that won’t happen, I’ll just say that it is a wonderful piece… of pure art!

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