47 thoughts on “Winter Field ~ Sunflowers

  1. I open your post and sigh. They look like pods that are holding something, something I can relate to. Dark and head-bowed, sure, but fecund and promising nonetheless. Just wonderful. Thank you.
    (P.S. Just saw this wonderful NYTimes article, so different from your work in subject matter in a literal way, but in a lyrical way, I think you’ll appreciate it.)

    1. Thanks so much, Jen. I suppose they hold a little life in there, and food for all the crows raiding the fields. : )
      Oh, do post the link for the article, you have me intrigued!

  2. These are gorgeous Karen. I love the way you have used the light in these images and although I would have loved to see them in full bloom, what you have made of them in winter is stunning! 🙂

  3. A community of individuals in stasis, mercifully immune to the hardships of winter, just waiting for the thaw and for the next generation to burst into verdant, glorious life! I love how you honored this grouping with your singular artistry:)

  4. For some reason, I didn’t read your title, and I was scrolling through your photos wondering what these were. And for some reason, they looked like poppies . . . Oops! Beautiful shots. They really embody what I think a January photo should feel– cold, filtered light, but with graceful figures. Very nice. 🙂

  5. Thoroughly enjoyable series, Karen. Amazing what winter reveals and you’ve captured the incredible beauty of last season’s sunflowers. I always love your close-ups but the image with the barn and sunflowers standing guard is great.

  6. nice work as always! in the first image I see an orchestra… there’s an amazing feeling you’ve captured.

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