(Previously) Unreleased


The-Wrapped-Trees2These are not recently photographed wrapped trees but they are different from the ones I have posted before. It seemed an appropriate day to let these swathed creatures out for some fresh air.

[More wrapped trees can be found here.]

Β© Karen McRae, 2013

49 thoughts on “(Previously) Unreleased

  1. Spooky, amorphous blobs. How they capture the imagination! Monstrous penguins, hooded ne’er-do-wells, elephant men. The possibilities, Karen, are limitless.

  2. Perfect disguises! I’ve always been struck when seeing wrapped trees, struck by the oddity of their seeming humanness, but your photos really do the whole idea a remarkable justice. Such a field of goblins. Such great textures.

  3. I love these – it was one of your earlier posts on this subject that brought me to your blog and the images stick firmly in my mind (a good thing).

  4. You have such a distinctive vision you are able to express in many ways. These images are for me so playful. I feel like I am on the Savannah and watching elephants being alerted. Great work, Karen!

  5. Love the atmosphere in these! If I remember correctly I think the first time I visited your blog you had posted wrapped trees πŸ™‚

  6. How funny what we can see with our imagination when looking at these wrapped trees. A very good choice of photographs on Halloween day ! πŸ™‚

  7. Those wrapped trees sure do give you some interesting subjects. To someone unknowing they must provide quite a surprise on a drive by. Although very different, they sort of remind me of the elders in Dark Crystal. These two images are quite well done, Karen.

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