Signs of Life

I‘ve been spying on observing the Fishing Village again.  I sincerely thought about approaching some of the occupants and getting the inside scoop but I decided I like these images from the perspective of an outsider… or maybe I’m just too shy…
Can you call yourself Canadian if you’ve never been ice fishing? Maybe it’s a right of passage. I should find out.

I’m strangely drawn to the trailers. They seem so 70’s to me and in this imperfect light they could be vintage 70’s images. I wonder if they have orange and brown upholstered benches and shag carpeting? I’d like to think so.

Dogs like ice fishing too…
Images © Karen McRae

The Canadian War Museum 2

If anyone was left wondering what the  War Museum in it’s entirety looks like after my previous Deconstruction post I’ve book-ended this one with two different full views and included a few images I haven’t yet posted. As always you can click on the images for a larger view.

For information about sustainable design and the museum click here
Architect: Raymond Moriyama

All images © Karen McRae

Deconstructing Architecture: The Canadian War Museum

The Canadian War Museum in Ottawa is sustainably designed with the notion of regeneration. At the back it rises gently  out of the landscape in some places barely visible. In the summer its green roof sways with approx 10,684 square metres of native grasses further integrating the building into the surroundings. In the winter I love how minimalist it appears from different angles, how the materials used and the cement in particular, soften against the snow. Every angle intriguing.

While nature may be ravaged by human acts of war, it inevitably survives, regenerates and renews itself.Raymond Moriyama, Architect

All images © Karen McRae

Architecture On Ice

Can you call this architecture? I’m actually quite intrigued by this community of ice fishing shacks that pops up every year not far from where I live. I’ve never been ice fishing and don’t really have much desire to but as an onlooker I find something visually pleasing about the whole thing. All the various colours, shapes and sizes of the structures and even a trailer thrown in. Each shack a reflection of the owner(s). I wonder if it gets competitive? Surely the fishing does.
I’m going to get brave and move in for some closer shots, but for now this is all I can offer you. Curious?

All images  © Karen McRae

Barn Stalking

Yup, I was barn stalking. A relatively slow-moving subject and really, who doesn’t like an old abandoned building?
And crows, there’s always a crow. I’m sure they’re taking over the world. I’m okay with that.
We had just a little snow today.
All images © Karen McRae

Avian Architecture 2: Bird’s Nest Shavings

Ages ago a friend of mine gave me some metal shavings for the purpose of remaking them into a bird’s nest. These shavings are actually called “bird’s nest shavings” because of the way they look and bunch together. I finally got around to weaving one together. It was trickier than I thought. The little shavings are very delicate and break easily if bent. It took me quite awhile to weave them into a decent shape. I’m sure the birds wouldn’t be impressed with my efforts but it made me appreciate even more what a work of art a true bird’s nest actually is. I think I might give it another go. You can see the real thing here.  (The little egg-shaped rock is from my trip to Newfoundland this summer).
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All images © Karen McRae