Two ‘Turtle Doves’…

Doves3Or more accurately, a small flock of mourning doves. These photographs are from a couple of days ago and they were made while looking out through the dirty windows so they are not very sharp. Two of the doves were sitting at the foot of our back door pressing their beaks up against the glass, cocking their little heads and peering in. I wonder what they were thinking? : ) Perhaps they were eyeing the pot of herbs just inside the door.

The deep cold from several days ago has dissipated. It rarely stays that cold for too long here, although, it is sure to return. In the past few days we’ve had a lot of snow, a bit of rain, and now you can hear the gentle sound of tiny ice pellets falling on the deep snow. The weather is sure fidgety around here.

Wishing each and every one of you, peace and doves.





© Karen McRae, 2013

59 thoughts on “Two ‘Turtle Doves’…

      1. Thanks, Karen. I’ve seen Doves here but they don’t have the Mourning Doves coloration. They’re very puffed up in this photograph..assumably for the colder weather.

  1. So sweet doves, and I am wondering too, what they think.. Thank you for a wonderful year inside here, looking at your magical pictures and text. Wish you the best for your holiday! ❤

  2. Don’t ask for whom the dove toils . . . it toils for herbs.

    Thanks for the wishes, and likewise . . . unless you’re hungry, in which case I wish pieces of doves.

  3. Beautiful portraits, so intimate….I know their feathers well. Happens when there are neighborhood cats around and I find the feathers scattered under the rosemary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them featured so beautifully, Karen. Wonderful….!

  4. Belle envolée Karen , tout mes vœux pour la suite ,
    mes amitiés en l’an , ta muse étant souveraine ,
    légère en son arène , telles ces deux virevoltants ,
    rose et l’hiver d’ors blancs , la neige ses jours un mythe.
    Becs Alchimiques

  5. How beautiful those doves are (and what gorgeous light).

    Our spotted Turtle Doves in Australia are about the closed to these.

  6. I love that third image, Karen…a sweetness there. I, too, thank you for the peace and the doves…wishing you the same happiness for the season….

  7. Beautifully composed photos. The colours, together with the contrast between the fluffy feathers and the rigid iron fence, combine to complete very effective pictures.

  8. What pretty little creatures they are. I love that second image.
    Here in Sydney it has been stinking hot and humid but today it’s cooler. Hooray!
    A very happy Christmas to you and yours, Karen.

  9. Wonderful photos – those doves look just the way Christmas doves should, soft, gentle and welcoming! I do hope you have a wonderful, peaceful and happy Christmas Karen. I have so much enjoyed your posts this year xx

  10. Too beautiful. Mourning doves are the most delightful creatures. OOooo I love to listen to them.

    Down here, we have mourning doves, and then another dove that looks quite similar but not quite…a collared dove. Introduced, not a Florida original. When I first saw the deep orange-eyed look-a-like, I thought, “OOooo lovely, I will just nest here and have a wee listen to those sonorous and mournful coos, yes, right here beneath this lovely bow laden with dovies.” Imagine my surprise when great obnoxious guttural sounds were slung down at me from above, causing me to topple right over. The placid-looking creatures issued forth the most outlandish noises- like a fiendish child’s rasping with evil laughter after successfully completely some horrid trick on some unsuspecting, bumbling victim. Some kind of “wing whistle” as it is called. Hmph. That was no sweet little cooing whistle. It was an emphysemic siren that reverberated for miles. It was terrifying, and gloriously wonderful, but of course. 😉

    Wonderful wintry images and such wonderful writing to go along with them. Absolutely marvelous. Smiling cheers,

    Autumn Jade

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