Architecture On Ice

Can you call this architecture? I’m actually quite intrigued by this community of ice fishing shacks that pops up every year not far from where I live. I’ve never been ice fishing and don’t really have much desire to but as an onlooker I find something visually pleasing about the whole thing. All the various colours, shapes and sizes of the structures and even a trailer thrown in. Each shack a reflection of the owner(s). I wonder if it gets competitive? Surely the fishing does.
I’m going to get brave and move in for some closer shots, but for now this is all I can offer you. Curious?

All imagesΒ  Β© Karen McRae

49 thoughts on “Architecture On Ice

  1. What’s the bet you get lots of really cool people shots once you ‘get brave’?
    Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Those are so neat! I can’t imagine spending a day in one however, I would freeze solid. Props to those brave, warm-blooded souls who do!

    1. Thank Nareen, I’ll be careful! The ice must be pretty thick because along with all those shacks a lot of people drive their trucks out onto the ice. I’d be extremely nervous about that!

  3. What a bizarre surrealistic land scape. It could be the space-craft, has just landed.
    And inside, the alien. πŸ˜€
    The space, the air was well captured. Nice shots Karen.

  4. I love the contrast between established Architecture in the background and the little shack in the foreground of the 1st photo.. love the colours in the 3rd one.. don’t be too brave !!

    1. I got lucky with the first shot, a band of light opened up to illuminate the little shack and everything else was under cloud. It just lasted a few seconds and then the light changed. Thanks Elena

  5. You already know this, but I still want to put it onto your blog: I just want to tell you that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I think you have a great blog. To learn more about the award have a look at my post: 15 Great Blogs.

  6. I love the strong lines and patterns (and light!) in these image. Nicely done, Karen!

    I have told by several Minnesotans (whose various family members have ice fishing cabins) that the true enjoyment of the sport is not in the hauling out of fish, but in the free-flow of camaraderie and drinks πŸ˜‰

  7. Is that a caravan on the ice in the last shot, Karen? How thick does the ice get where you live? It must be mega-thick! I particularly like the first shot because of the horizontal gradations of colour, the light in the centre band, and the hut that the light picks out from the buildings in the background. Personally, I don’t get the fishing thing! Lots of people here sit round lakes and ponds for hours on end without moving or talking to anyone, and well apart from each other! Nope! I just don’t get it! Maybe we ought to offer them cameras as an alternative – ‘course they might just photograph themselves, their fishing friends and their catches! Hmm! Wait a minute! I sometimes sit on my own, in isolated places, with my camera, talking to no one, just waiting to catch a shot! Oh, my goodness! Ha! Ha!



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