A Quiet Storm

More Pictures from Friday’s perfect storm. I warned you we liked to talk about the weather…

The sailboat docks in the frozen harbour.

I brought along an umbrella to protect my camera from the snow somewhat, it was an umbrella failure in the swirling winds. Sharp umbrella skeleton bits poking out every which way. I have yet to find a decent umbrella that can stand up to a bit of wind.
(Click on images to enlarge)
All images © Karen McRae

61 thoughts on “A Quiet Storm

  1. Karen,
    These photos are lovely. My favorites are (top to bottom) picture #4. I really like how the stones seem to be jutting out of the snow and fog. The frozen harbour photo is great and the umbrella photo is very whimsical.

      1. It can be hard to keep up! I particularly like the dock photos.. and in this sequence the weeping willow tree ( one of my favourite trees and I’m lucky enough to have one in my garden 🙂 ) with it’s hint of colour and I love the slabs of stone too..

  2. Poor umbrella… just gave up the ghost 😀
    I like the picture with the sailboat docks (I liked it in a previous post too… not the same picture, but it also had the docks…) Something about it is very eerie… Stay warm!! =)

  3. Hey Karen – Another fine set of photographs! I particularly like the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth – oh! That’s them all, isn’t it! Oh, well! There you go!



  4. Hi. I like the umbrella one best! It’s cool that it stayed still long enough for you to take the photo! If that one was up on my wall, I would never get sick of looking at it. Which is odd, because I have two broken umbrellas of my own, and they aren’t even nearly as interesting or cool. I just kind of sigh whenever I see them. Amazing how photos can elevate the ordinary and make it extraordinary, huh? (I expect the person who invents the windproof umbrella will be able to retire fairly soon afterward! :-))

  5. Gorgeous monochromatic images, Karen! I especially like the bold graphical nature of the first image, and the repetition of patterns of the docks.

  6. Add me to the list that loves the shot of the docks. I really do enjoy these monochromatic scenes; particularly when they’re such a contrast to what I’m shooting here in Sydney. I suppose I never really thought how harsh the weather can get in Canada, so it’s been wonderful to see these moments in time.

    1. It actually has been abnormally mild here this winter which I don’t mind. I do love the snow for contrast and crispness. It’s fun to go out and play in. Thanks Distan.

  7. This is an exquisite batch of photographs. All so wonderfully captured and processed. And the composition for all of them is both very delicate and strong, particularly the use of negative space. It’s hard to pick one favourite because the belong together as a non-linear essay. Still, I may say that the one with the umbrella is a stronger image by itself. Great work!

  8. Karen, these are so beautiful. #5 is a firm favourite – and the second last image as I can imagine losing my umbrella in such weather. Thank you for braving the cold and taking these photos for us to enjoy – especially in what seems to be such a warm winter!

  9. The sort of imagery that makes me pleased to not be living the in the tropics….
    Very fond of the umbrella in particular……

  10. After every storm in Edinburgh, the streets are littered with umbrella detritus. The ONLY one of ours that stands a chance is a very girlie one – see-through with white dots and conical shaped. My husband is like a cat and hates getting wet but he has no choice. He heads out just looking perplexed.

  11. I am delighted you continue to be fascinated by your frozen world, I continue to be delighted by your photos. I have resorted to using large zip lock plastic bags to protect my gear. It requires some practice setting the control through the plastic, but often for these types of photos you don’t need much adjusting. I keep the lens pointed toward the zip part, then unzip to shoot. The bag can/should stick out beyond the lens to protect it. As soon as the shot is done, re-zip. This also keep your camera dry from condensation when you go inside. I leave mine in the bag until it has warmed up. 😀

  12. I love these shots and so envy you the snow. I live in the north east and today it’s supposed to reach 50 degrees. We’ve only had about 5 inches of snow all season and that is the total of two storms, way below normal. I loved the umbrella picture and the last one the best.

    As for your umbrella problems… I have a big ‘golf’ umbrella. They are made with a wind vent around the top to prevent them from turning. Never had a problem with it and I use it for the same reason you do. 🙂

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