The Textural Beauty of the Canadian Shield

We spent an afternoon this weekend on a friend’s property that is a beautiful example of  the Canadian Shield  landscape. Rocky outcroppings covered in lichen and carpets of various  mosses in a mostly forested area. Gentle breezes rustling the  oak leaves, some of which seem to hold on for dear life all winter long. But it’s the mosses that completely captivate me. They are like little miniature forests  with an astounding array of colour and texture. (Click on images to enlarge)
All images © Karen McRae

15 thoughts on “The Textural Beauty of the Canadian Shield

  1. If it wasn’t for the fallen leaves it would look a bit like Iceland with all the different types of mosses. However, Iceland doesn’t seem to have many trees … I find moss really fascinating too! Great pictures capturing interesting textures and the late autumn mood.

      1. I’ve only been in Reykjavik once in winter. The city is nothing special and we had very uncomfortable weather, icy winds, snow, rain and generally quite humid which makes the cold even worse. The thermal lakes and mossy rock plains are stunning though, even in winter! If you visit, aim for summer and hire a jeep, the vegetation should be just beautiful then. I’m planning to go back there at some point and then I’ll do just that 🙂

  2. Gorgeous texture, light and tones. I always enjoy the elegant simplicity of “primitive” plants and organisms.

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