A Deep Breath of Winter

ColdBlue4The water is restless in this part of the river. It pushes on all winter.

The ice tries to stretch over the surface like a cold blanket, but it cannot. The water persuades it to break apart, to keep moving.

The ice talks to the river with deep groans and quiet thuds. It rocks gently, waiting. An indolent heartbeat.

The river finds a crack, heaves a deep breath, and replies.

ColdBlue7The river’s edge in -25c.

© Karen McRae, 2013

72 thoughts on “A Deep Breath of Winter

  1. So so cold..but oh so breathtaking – I love how so often with your shots I feel like I am flying high above looking down on a larger landscape – its a great play with scale..

  2. I love the sounds the frozen water makes, calling out to to the sun as it passes overhead. We have lake Chambon near us in France, and in the deep winters its frozen water creaks and groans throughout the day, then settles back in the night to simple cracks. I walked on frozen sea in the Falklands, where you can hear the waves lapping underneath and feel the rolling. Love it and your lovely picures bring back the memories.


  3. You have your eye attuned to everything – where others stay inside, you go out and find what you are looking for. I used to live near the Damariscotta River in Maine. Once, when it was cold like you are experiencing, we traveled up river to see the ice breaker ship come down, thudding like a giant’s steps all the way. The ice buckled but not without great groans of protest.

  4. Wow, you got the same temperatures as us. I recognize the Karen landscape. My favorite is the last, which looks as berries, but I guess they are some very cold flowers, sleeping.

  5. Absolutely superb images, sublime – and a perfect marriage of text and photographs. You were moved by the experience and you have conveyed that to us.

  6. You’ve been showing absolute calmness of the nature till now.
    Then, when you show the dynamism of it, you shows deep deep
    dark power, almost demonic one.
    In one glance on the top photo, I thought it was a kind of Tsunami
    coming from the right.
    I love the subtle nuance of gray-blue beautifully captured.

  7. Beautiful frozen environment! Your photos are amazing! I was once at the sea where the waves had frozen solid overnight and just then, forgot my camera and was never again able to capture that moment, thanks for sharing this piece of nature’s splendor

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. There are many times when I wished I had my camera with me, too – I know what that’s like. sometimes these type of moments are very fleeting.

  8. Your words are beautiful! Graceful writing bringing me to this place. I love the blues here. And the third photo fills me with freeing cold delight! 🙂

  9. …..and time stands still (well for a short while anyway!)
    So cold, so stunning and so peaceful. Beautiful scenery and fantastic captures!

  10. What an absolutely stunning selection, Karen – I really like the sense of scale in both the shots and your words. I absolutely love the shot of semi-submerged tree branches/ roots – there’s something simultaneously pre-historic and of the moment about it.

      1. I lived most of my life in the northeast, although way south of you, certainly not as cold. Your photographs remind me of that ever-changing landscape.

  11. Love your eye and camera expertise… and especially, to me, coldblue 9 and 11 are 5 star photographs that would show beautifully on anyone’s living room wall. It is almost miraculous what a photograph can portray and convey.

  12. Karen – I am sure you have been asked this so many times that you are fed up with it but how cold does it get where you live? I love all of the images but I particularly like the second and second last shots!



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