It’s True What They Say About Canadians…

we do like to talk about the weather. So bear with me while I ramble on in a visual language about how beautiful it was today. Not everyone would agree that freezing rain followed by heavy snow is nice weather but you can judge for yourself…of course I didn’t have to drive anywhere…

All images © Karen McRae

85 thoughts on “It’s True What They Say About Canadians…

  1. oh wow – Karen, I have really enjoyed these. The second image is wonderful. And the last two are very beautiful. The windmill- need I say more? Such beauty, with the faint wisps of grass. And the last image – those leaves are holding on; red/orange and alive. Your work is simply stunning. Thank you so much!

    1. Yes Marina, they are snowflakes. It was snowing quite heavily at times. It was a challenge keeping my lens free of snow…
      Thank you so much I’m happy you like them!

  2. These ones are beautiful in a very different way from the wrapped trees. In these, the subjects aren’t as human-like as they are *elemental* (at least to me). The tree in the first photo seems so… inevitable. That’s my favorite.

  3. Single tree sandwich. I especially like the first one, and there’s something delicious about those lingering red leaves in the last one – like candy or something – shards of caramel that’s it.

  4. Absolutely stunning. Wow! (Have a couple more exclamation marks for good measure: !!!)

    Also I completely understand about the weather — here in Minnesota, it occupies about 80% of our conversation.

  5. I have recently found your blog, and I find your images haunting…meaning unforgettable . Today as I was driving home from the farm, I suddenly saw in my mind’s eye…an image from your wrapped trees series.

    These lone tree figures, for me, are a minimalist tribute teasing me to think about the richness of spring, which is almost here. I am deeply moved by your work; the images speak.

    1. Hi Sher, thank you so much for your extremely kind comments. It’s always nice to hear when other people appreciate your work and that it resonates with them. If an image sticks in our head then I am thrilled.

  6. Amazing photos. There’s something about trees in winter – black branches against the white. Where in Canada?

  7. simply brilliant, been reading a lot of blogs today and the photo’s are awesome ,, these are on top of the pile though.

  8. Involuntary sharp intake of breath when I scrolled down the page and saw that lone tree, then the 2nd photo – not sure what it is but love it all the same and the last. Perfection … you have the eye of all eyes Karen.

  9. The first and the last especially are stunningly beautiful in their simplicity. I love the gentleness of your palette. I used the term ‘poetic’ previously when commenting on your photos. I would use it again to describe this selection.

  10. Wow, Karen! These are simply stunning. I loved the red in the last photo. How great and simple. Beautiful! Beautiful! 🙂

  11. Those are some gorgeous shots! Reminds me of an exercise we were put through in the first year of architecture school in which we had to analyse negative and positive spaces in photographs. Your more-than-just-awesome shots would have been perfect specimens actually!

    On a different topic totally….I would definitely like to gaze at the landscape while warming up indoors with some buttered rum and ginger cake 😀

  12. Terrific shots, and a terrific way to speak of the weather. I will have to take a page out of your book – more showing, less saying 🙂 I like them all, but if I to choose it would be between the first one and the two trees one. I really like the simplicity of these.

  13. Oh no, I’m so deeply in love with winter, and snow and ice, so I appreciate your photos very much.
    It’s a pity that this year hasn’t been snowing here where I live, just a little little bit, but let’s hope for the next year…

  14. Hi Karen – Minimalist and truly graphic! Beautifully composed and sharp! Love them, Karen! Another fine set! We in Britain also have a reputation about not just talking about, but moaning about, the weather, because it is just so changeable – mostly cold, drich, wet and windy though – well maybe not on the warm, sunny, dry and still ones – or on the foggy and still ones – or when it is snowing!!! See what I mean…?



    1. Perhaps talking about the weather is universal, we have a fair share of changeable weather so there’s always something to talk about., or moan about…
      Thanks John! 🙂

  15. The first photo is fabulous in its simplicity and loneliness. All of these photos are gorgeous. I also love the one with the one tree providing the color contrast by still hanging onto what look like its oak leaves. 😀

    1. Yes Shez, it is an oak. They hold on to their leaves for dear life!
      And when you’re skiing they fall off right in front of you and get all stuck to your ski wax. 🙂

  16. Your beautiful images make me miss winter. (I’m a transplanted Canadian now in California)… thank you for sharing your amazing work.

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