I’ve been genuinely surprised and thrilled by the amount of interest in the wrapped trees series and I wanted to thank the following blogs and bloggers for featuring the images and re-posting them. Their sites are well worth exploring so please check them out.

Cath at Blanket and Bone has the following description for her blog “Celebrating the handmade, the artisanal, and the unique”  She asked me a few questions about my work in general and the series specifically which you can find here.

Writer and artist David Halliday from the powerofh blog did a post on the first series of wrapped trees here . I love David’s description of why he started blogging “… to offset my muttering in public places.” He has several blogs on the go and creates some fascinating stories and collages along with featuring many other artists.

As a writer he added an interesting perspective on his impression of the series. These are David’s words: “It as if we have seen these images a million times. Peasants in Van Gogh’s paintings. Women at mass. Mourners at a funeral. Victims waiting to be executed. They seem to have the weight of the moment on their shoulders. As if they bare the sadness of the world”

Many thanks to you both Cath and David. Also thanks to WordPress who featured my blog on Freshly Pressed I have connected with many creative and interesting new blogs and bloggers. I’m trying to keep up with everything!

15 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. These wrapped trees are absolutely fantastic and fascinating. Loved the snow and no-snow versions. Thanks, Karen! 🙂

  2. Recognition that is most well-deserved, Karen! Your wrapped trees images are powerful because the forms seem familiar; yet they are obviously abstract. This duality allows one to inject one’s own story into each scene.

  3. Once again, Karen you raise the bar. David’s words so perfectly describe the intense emotional impact of this photo. How an image of trees wrapped in protective burlap can be so powerful is amazing.

    Congratulations, Karen.

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