The Jagged Edges of Winter


It seems the river has been pitching itself against the shoreline in the cold and wind, frosting whatever it could manage to touch before its own edges are too frozen to move. Unfortunately, by the time I managed to get out the light was very dull, but at the moment there is new snow falling, and by morning the landscape will be transformed again. These fringes of the seasons can be so fleeting.


© Karen McRae, 2014

37 thoughts on “The Jagged Edges of Winter

  1. I greatly enjoyed the beauty, patterns and atmosphere of these images – though I was a little perturbed by the Ku Klux Clan convention in the third picture!

  2. Hi Karen 🙂 Those two in the middle there remind me of choirs or angels standing in amongst the trees. For some reason I like that thought at this time of year … and not for the traditional reason either. Actually, I think I like the thought of comforting presence any old time of year 🙂 Beautiful photos!

  3. Omword! Are you sure you are not in the moon? Or somewhere else I’ve never been? These are totally otherworldly! Wow! And ooooooh, it looks cold! 😊xoxo

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