Walking on Water: A Collaboration

OctoberRefelctions1The weather has been amazing here. A lingering of summer sun and warmth, but with cool nights and the start of crunching leaves underfoot. I had to go see what’s happening at the creek.

The most interesting things I find are the reflections. I have photographed them in every way, it seems. Still, there is always something new. The surface is a wavering mirror of the seasons. A reminder that everything is in constant flux. The shifts of light and cloud, the variable movements of the water in and out of small eddys, the colours and compositions from the graceful trees. And then there is the debris that lies under the surface and how the light reaches it. Every moment is different. There is something meditative, too, about watching the lazy movement of the creek – as you shift focus through the lens you might wonder if you are watching nature’s own lava lamp.

I came to a place where the tiny water walkers were continually drawing and redrawing the surface. They agreed to allow me to photograph their brief sketches as long as due credit was given. : )

This is the art of walking on water:








WaterStrider2I have to say it looked a bit like a game of bumper cars with the zippy water striders all continuously knocking into each other. A beautiful day to play.


[These images are part of an ongoing series exploring surface reflections of water, moving and still: Surface, Submerge: Reflections in Water]

© Karen McRae, 2013

71 thoughts on “Walking on Water: A Collaboration

  1. I think what I like most about your photos, Karen, aside from the sheer beauty, is their quiet and meditative quality. They take me to a calm place and remind me to stop. I love creeks and water reflections. I love that second to last one – the circle pattern and the two striders together – just walking by the circle of time.

    1. It is so calming to be by water. It seems it doenst matter how fast or slow it’s moving, it just feels right!
      Thanks, Judy. It was a beautiful day for finding time to be outside.

  2. Yes in deed, reflecting water is the port to another dimension.
    Its even refuses us to define what we are looking —- sky ? tree ?
    its surface or its inside, here or another world, now or in the past ?

  3. Very nice Karen. I love the delicacy of most of them, but just to be contrary, the second last one is my favourite even though much less subtle. The light and dimpled water surface beneath feet is wonderful.

    1. It’s quite fascinating how they leave those tiny little dimples on the surface, and the light was rather lovely that day – a few clouds to work with. Thanks, Ehpem!

  4. Wonderful photo’s, Karen. Love the vague reflections of the branches going abstract with the moving water-surface. Water is fascinating, hypnotizing and sure there is always something new.

  5. Oh ! I wondered. A collaboration. Who is Karen collaborating with? I love the little water walkers. So glad they danced for you. You guys put on a terrific show. And the best, we can pull it up and see it again 🙂

  6. A surface like water is a charlatan: it holds the promise of impenetrability while mocking the world by conjuring up a fanciful copy of its surroundings.

  7. Love the ‘water zippers’ and the ripples – (we call them ‘boat men’ in these here parts.) The top image is really gorgeous with the mosaic of reflections and tones.

  8. Absolutely stunning, the one with the perfect ripple and lone strider is my fav. It’s like metal that has been hammered to a soft flow.

    Thumbed out from my iPhone

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