Avian Architecture 2: Bird’s Nest Shavings

Ages ago a friend of mine gave me some metal shavings for the purpose of remaking them into a bird’s nest. These shavings are actually called “bird’s nest shavings” because of the way they look and bunch together. I finally got around to weaving one together. It was trickier than I thought. The little shavings are very delicate and break easily if bent. It took me quite awhile to weave them into a decent shape. I’m sure the birds wouldn’t be impressed with my efforts but it made me appreciate even more what a work of art a true bird’s nest actually is. I think I might give it another go. You can see the real thing here.  (The little egg-shaped rock is from my trip to Newfoundland this summer).
Click on images to enlarge.

All images © Karen McRae

20 thoughts on “Avian Architecture 2: Bird’s Nest Shavings

  1. Very cool Karen, really like the execution. Could you weave to fit around/against shapes like the crook of a branch? It kind of also looks like its as much sculpture as weaving, do you think you could make other shapes with this (e.g., leaves..) Anyhow very neat!

    And just a note, liked the photography too. Not easy getting the right light and depth of field…

  2. Karen, I think you did a wonderful job. Perhaps this is indeed a very close interpretation to a bird’s nest – you don’t know as they all seem to be so different. I love that you placed an egg shaped rock into the nest, and I also think your photography is stunning. I am so impressed!

    1. Hi Marina,
      I saw you note about wanting the sculpture. How kind, I’m flattered! I do sell some of my work, if you are interested send me an email karenmcrae(at)gmail.com


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