Avian Architecture

So I have a little nest collection. Yes, along with collections of rocks and decaying leaves… but you have to admit they are pretty cool. And all so different. I don’t know what birds built all these nests but everyone does it their own way. Little architectural gems.  (Click to enlarge images.)

This nest is partially built with cigarette filters, lots of them...city dwellers.
A little heavy on the insulation...synthetic fibres.

Oriole Nest, plant fibre weathered and greyed. All images © Karen McRae

11 thoughts on “Avian Architecture

  1. I have a book that touches on this and many other instances of animal architecture. I’ll dig up the title and let you know.

    Great post, thanks for sharing.

  2. I love these photos– beautiful compositions!

    And they echo a future blog post of mine on happy accidents that has been percolating and swirling around my mind—in the sense of picking things up along the way that fate brings to us.

    I would love to link to this post to give a visual metaphor for my own post!

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