Glassy-Eyed: Tiny Sculptures in the Landscape

As difficult as it can be when Mother Nature throws abhorrent weather at us there is usually an up-side. A magical beauty that can’t be achieved in any other way. If you take the time to look around carefully you might be surprised. And if you put on your woolies and come wading through the crunchy topped snow , bruising your shins as you break through and bending your body to the crust you might see something like this. And you will be charmed. The spell will be broken only by the numbness creeping through your limbs.

All images Β© Karen McRae

60 thoughts on “Glassy-Eyed: Tiny Sculptures in the Landscape

  1. These are tremendous! The magnification of the ice in some of them creates little worlds almost. Very creative shots, Karen!!

  2. wow Karen! I think this is my favourite series of images this winter! They are so so beautiful. The second photo pulled me in immediately – so stunning. It reminds me of glass work – intricate, delicate, detailed hand blown glass. And the detail on the 5th photo – ahh extraordinary! I am definitely charmed and there is something about the numbness from winter that doesn’t bother you as much, when you stumble on gems (like these) to photograph. Congrats and thanks for braving it out there!

  3. As a Californian, I get few chances to experience winter’s extremes. I never dreamed that this is what ice and snow could look like. Does the ice really encase every single bit of the tree? I never knew. It’s like an alien vista to me.

    1. When we get rain and the temperature is below freezing it can coat everything in ice. If we get a lot of freezing rain it can be rather dangerous, but amazing to look at once the sun comes out. Sometimes every tree and surface is ice covered. It usually melts away or evaporates in a couple of days

  4. These are so cool! I especially like that squiggly 6th image. Most fascinating, in small scale or large! Keep warm, please!

  5. Wow Karen, these are simply too stunning for words! So beautifully delicate in their elegance…You should be really proud of this series as it truly is something special, and it reminds us of the beauty in the world, which is something we tend too forget all too easily…Wonderful.

  6. Yes, I would agree, most definitely; there is certainly something unique and savory about light. I am fond of darkness, too, and the moon and stars in which it hosts, but when I think of light, or more specifically, when I see how it is captured, I am breath taken by its beauty and splendor. These pictures, Karen, aptly portray all that light endeavors to be. Thank you for sharing,


  7. They are so beautiful, they almost make me cry! Such stillness too – it’s like a mediation looking at them. Thankyou:)

  8. Oh my God, just “wow”, Karen! I loved these. It’s not cold here that much, so I think I have never seen this happening. Thanks for sharing. It was an awesome experience, spell bounding! πŸ™‚

  9. I was glad to see you featured on the front page this week. I’ve been loving these iced over closeups. I can’t tell you the amount of time I would pick up and examine frozen vegetation. Fine work as always. Your eye for indefinite beauty continues to appeal to and stick with me.

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