Draw and Shoot 2

I haven’t done much figure drawing lately and I’m rusty to say the least but I did really fun photo-shoot on the weekend and it’s got me inspired! I had an opportunity to work with a young designer photographing her collection of lingerie pieces. The photo-shoot involved faux fur, champagne and a cigar but more on that when I post some pictures. The models were amazing to work with and the designer had a lot of fun creating a mix of lingerie some of which included faux fur elements. (It gets cold in Canada, I think this might be the lingerie of the season) A little sneak peek from the shoot via my sketchbook. Just a warm up sketch.
Image © Karen McRae

12 thoughts on “Draw and Shoot 2

  1. I tend to work in fits and starts, sometimes drawing, sometimes crafting, etc. It’s good to work in some other activities, still creative, I think it helps keep me thinking and learning. Very nice sketch, I like the ethereal quality you captured.

    1. Thank you, I was looking at all your amazing pieces last night.They are really beautiful. My Dad was a blacksmith (farrier to be exact) so I appreciate the work and craftsmanship that goes into it.

  2. This has a kind of hard-to-place 1940s feel to it…somehow it seems classic. Although the knickers aren’t 40s style at all…I think it’s the model’s hair and face, she looks so elegant.

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