101 thoughts on “The Forest Floor

  1. This is a very cool topic for a short gallery. Your images are beautiful and very well composed. I love the focus in all of them. I need to get myself a macro lens! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

  2. Bonsoir Karen ,

    Ce Parcours par Essences , sous le Couvert de l’Onde ,
    Offre en Visions un Monde , A Fleur d’ItinΓ©rances ,
    Si Peu de Choses ont Chance , d’Eclore dans la Seconde ,
    Ici la Terre Abonde , Offrant une Ronde aux Sens .
    Becs Hors FrontiΓ¨res πŸ˜‰

  3. How gorgeous Karen..Alice in Wonderland stuff..you’ve really found a very unique way with your lens recently..loving it..

  4. More realistic than usual though, because of it, utterly surrealistic.
    8th and 10th photos have mind blowing power, like a Zen painting
    = could be a dog shit or the truth of the Dharma —– or both.

  5. Those blue-green fungi are a really striking colour. I’ve never seen any like that before. I love that little curl in the last one. It’s a bit like I feel when I emerge from dreams in the morning. A slow unfold into clarity.

    1. They are cool, aren’t they? they are apparently quite common but you don’t often see them in fruit. The chlorociboria are interesting in that they stain wood green and this wood is sometimes used for wood working inlay.
      I relate to the slow unfold into clarity!

      1. Interesting. Oh, this reminds me I am wishing my book about the history of pigments back from where it is since it got borrowed three years ago …

      1. There are many photos which you’d have to give ten out of ten for, technically. Yet you feel that to the photographer, the subject is just another object. Yours convey your fascination and awe. They are almost like visible gasps! Technique is not allowed to dominate the subject matter. That’s what I feel anyway. Ann

  6. The forest floor, my favourite place! I love these beautiful photos. Thanks for showing us the details of the moss and lichens.

  7. Your incomparable skill with a camera is very inspiring. The gorgeous contrast between sharp and soft, dark and light make me want to take up my brushes again and paint.

  8. I love the way in which you place the plane of focus exactly where you like it by tilting the lens relative to the focal plane. Lensbaby, i presume… ?

    Another surprising, refereshing series. πŸ™‚

    1. Alessandro, thank you.
      These are all taken with an ordinary macro lens, actually. I am just using the lens at different angles, and often the shallowest depth of field.
      A Lensbaby would be interesting though, have you used one? I like the painterly effect I’ve seen from them.

  9. No!!! Tiny blue mushrooms! How wonderful! Are they the ones that glow in the dark? They make the forest floor look like fairyland at night. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Gigi, these don’t glow in the dark but that would be magical wouldn’t it? They are a gorgeous colour, I was very happy to come across them, as finding these little mushrooms is not that common!

      1. Yes, beautiful! There were glow in the dark mushrooms in a wetland forest in Byron Bay, Aus. Pete took me there one night and it was amazing – little blue lights on the forest floor! It was his favourite place in the world. πŸ™‚

  10. There’s a real feeling of imminence to these – of frozen significance. The colours are wonderfully rich and the light creamy – Autumn captured without the handcuffs of cliche.

    1. Carla, I like when photography crosses over into painting. It give me ideas! Thank very much. It’s true that sometimes you don’t have to go far to find things that are interesting.

      1. Oh! I knew there was something familiar about those shrooms’ LOL! I’m canadian too β€”from Toronto originally. My brother lives in Ottawa…so I get out to that part of the province whenever I visit home. Yipeee! Awesome work drawandshoot πŸ™‚

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