48 thoughts on “Iced Landscape

  1. Oh my gosh, those happy birdies! And all those winter sparkles. You captured such a magical moment beautifully. I love your artistic eye for such things, Stunned yet again by your talent, love these images.

  2. It’s like visions of sugarplums dancing …. Pretty awesome. You managed to make the frigid cold look warm!

  3. What a gorgeous gallery of photos Karen. I love the little birds amongst the frozen branches, these pictures are pure magic and the grasses on the edge of the water throwing shadows in the golden lights, fabulous!

  4. Absolutely majestic and inspiring. Superb images, as always. The wee birds are always my favourite part of your photography. They are so lively and I can just hear their crackling little voices cutting through the icy air and warming the snowy indifference of winter. Beautiful shots. And I am very struck by that first image of the frozen river’s edge…Spectacular. Jubilant cheers to you,

    – a frozen little smiling toad

  5. When I was about 17, I experienced my first real ice storm. I was so excited, I determined to go out and photograph it the next day, which was sunny. I took my parent’s car and got horribly stuck on a remote, steep, one lane road, skidding and almost plummeting below. I could not turn around but had to back down. I don’t think I ever quite told them what happened – but I got my pictures that day! πŸ™‚ These brought that back. They are lovely – the starling DOES look more distinguished in the winter, doesn’t he? Sweet chickadees!

  6. Great photos, Karen. Tremendously fun, too, to see another person in the city shoot the same event but from different angles and locations. I was amazed at how much beauty there was out there after the storm and how it continued to transform from day to day. Thank you.

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