60 thoughts on “Whispers in the Garden

  1. You balance simplicity & complexity with such ease. At least it looks like that from here – but who knows what goes on when you’re behind the lens and at your computer?! 😉

    1. Well, thank you for that, Lynne. I guess more than anything it’s time consuming. Hours go by so quickly when one is art-making, don’t you think? The tricky part sometimes is remembering to breathe when you are taking macro photographs.

      1. I have a terrible habit of holding my breath – and certainly it happens when I’m caught up in something visual. Yes, time goes by quickly, a sure sign were lost!

  2. The colors in balance and nice made for this concept . I do not know which one I do like more , Top one or the second one below? I believe the first one because it expresses more the whisper then the garden. Less flower and more its concept. Of course , my opinion, for what it is worth to you. grt bart

    1. Hi Neely, thanks very much!
      So, when I photograph these I am using backlighting and shading the seedhead so it is in indirect light. Also, these are overexposed slightly and I am using a macro lens and shallow depth of field. There is naturally some transparency to the petal-like formations already.
      I have layered them in photoshop, too, but only in a subtle way.
      I’m glad you like them.

      1. Thank you for sharing, Karen! I think the transparency of the petals makes such a big difference, and now must be a good time of the year to photograph as plants are starting to wither away. Thanks again — can’t wait to go out and shoot some more!

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