57 thoughts on “This Little, Shared Planet

    1. Thank you, Nick. Yes, it would be nice to think that the people who make decisions that impact the environment consider things carefully. It seems often that is not the case, though.

  1. How lovely..feels like fragile wonder, for holding gently..just love those fish swimming!

  2. Lovely. I am afraid that I am too pessimistic. It seems every time we make some headway, those moneyed interests who choose to despoil the environment for short term profit eventually undo the good and travel even farther in the wrong direction.

    1. Thank you, Steve. I share some of that pessimism but I know there are many people working for the good of the environment too. We sure take a long time to figure things out, though, and often it’s too late.

  3. This is soooo good, Karen! You can share this and other pictures on an exhibition. People need to see it, and maybe you will? Love it! 🙂

  4. Thank you for your kind words. I have to tell you that I relish your posts, especially important to me when I was pregnant and under the weather. They are nourishing in their poetics. Thank you.

    1. 🙂 Ha, ha, thank you, Helen! I’m happy to inspire joy. I think each day should be environment day, always considering our impact…
      there is far too much carelessness happening here…

    1. Much thanks, Elena. I’d like a marble just like this to fit in my palm. One of the larger sized ones. I had to look up what those are called: semi-bowlers, in Australia anyway!

  5. Such a magical image! I want to be on that boat.

    When I was young, the most popular travel guide was “Lonely Planet”… It doesn’t feel lonely anymore – sometimes claustrophobic, but never lonely 🙂

  6. Did you do these? Yes, I can see from the comments it is your loveliness again! They are so beautiful Karen! How utterly lovely! 🙂

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