59 thoughts on “(three more bites) Wild Apples

  1. I love your “post processing”. It is always a surprise to me that I am absolutely useless with the post process [maybe that’s the reason I usually don’t like “manipulations” on my photographs!]

  2. it’s like a visual poem… the song of ophelia… from nature’s point of view. very moving to take in. the weave of texture and dimension is visually stunning.

  3. Your photos always remind me of paintings, they’re so beautiful! Did you ever try the double exposure on camera?

    1. Hi Ines, thanks very much, I appreciate your comment!
      Yes, I have posted many images that are in-camera double exposures. They are so fun to make.
      Have you tried this also?

      1. Yes, I’ve been playing with the multiple exposures menu of my camera lately 🙂 It’s so fun and makes you be much more creative!

    1. Thanks, Trish. That one reminds me of an old faded storybook illustration for some reason. It appears to be not quite a photograph but not quite an illustration either.

  4. Beautiful again. This time they strike me as being taken in the aftermath of some pagan ritual. They’ve got a really powerful pull to them, or a yearning, like something from an Arcadian dream. Your compositions are out of this world, Karen.

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