36 thoughts on “Coming In From the Cold

  1. Those first two are so eerie! There’s always something disorienting about fog – and it’s even more unsettling when it’s indoors even if ‘only’ through a lens. The lights and muted colours in the others are really pretty though 🙂

  2. I love this series Karen, beautifully done. I’m curious whether you were doing this shoot and the lens fogged but you decided to continue on, or whether you were shooting elsewhere and noticing the fog opted to experiment with it here.

    1. Hi Noel, I was actually doing an architectural shoot of a museum outside, it was cold enough that when I came inside the lens completely fogged up so I just played around with it in the spaces.

  3. Just catching up with your photos from the past week, love them all, but these are really cool for your having thought to take them with the fogged up lens in the first place!

    I had this additional thought as I was scanning through your always stunning photos: You are so thoroughly documenting winter that I’m now having a hard time imagining coming to your blog and finding anything with color or without snow and ice and hibernating or dead flora.

    I know that sounds like a thinly veiled criticism, but it’s not meant that way at all!

    It will be cool to watch color slowly seep back into your blog as spring and summer arrive. 🙂

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