24 thoughts on “Borderlands ~ Stories from the Periphery

  1. Wonderful photographs, Karen! Each one of them draws me in for a closer look…what is going on here? Before I can figure it out though, the textures imparted by the motion take over and walk me slowly from one corner to the next. Although I usually prefer monochromes, in these the color adds so much depth to those textures.

  2. Love the motion in your photographs Karen, not only do they display motion at play but very interesting subjects that seem to stand still.

  3. For some reason these were all black and white in my e-mail. When I came to comment, the last two burst into complementary colors. Beautiful.
    The Fallen is my favorite, like a sentry standing guard amidst a crush of ocean waves.

  4. These are very beautiful, Karen. I hear the wind in the first image, I feel the icy cold in the second one; the last one just jumbles my mind! And I like that.

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