Spring is Extinct


LittleGlaciers5Or, at least, if you lived here you could be forgiven for thinking this is true. It is also true that there are small signs of spring: the pussy willows are indeed popping out of their dark skins, the birds already have a little spring fever, the days are longer, brighter… But it’s still pretty cold. Just yesterday it snowed. Again.

Today the sun was shining, though, with enough warmth to start a slow melt of the little glaciers that line the streets. They are retreating incrementally. I spent hours out in nature but it was only on the walk home, looking at that gritty street-side snow and those small puddles, that I found images I liked. A slow shutter for a slow spring.


[Images of pavement, snow and ice, made while walking]
*Spring is not really extinct. I hope.

ยฉ Karen McRae, 2015

27 thoughts on “Spring is Extinct

  1. Such wonderful, painterly images. I especially like the first one, it is like a storm, conveying the power of nature, showing us how much is outside our control. It must have felt like a long winter for you. Maybe tomorrow you will wake up and all will be green and shining!

    1. Ah, it will be a while before it’s green but we are inching in that direction. : )
      Thanks so much, Anna, I’m happy you like these smudgy leftover winter images.

  2. Beautiful pictures!

    Spring went into exile and came to Europe. The second year now, we have not had a real winter. We had a “sprinter” or a “wing”, a strange new kind of season with temperatures like in early spring, but trees without leaves. We had one or two days with snow and the children came out with sleds and started building snow men although it was already wet and melting from the beginning. One day we had nearly 18ยฐ C, although it was still frosty in the night. The crocuses and daffodils came out in February. On some days, you can see people in t-shirts outside. We don’t have real winter weather again in most years now. Only every couple of years you get one or two real winters, and even these are not they way I remember them from the 1960s and 1970s, when winters sometimes lasted into April and we had high snow for weeks every year.

  3. As Always, wonderful stuff, beautifully thought out and photographed. Here : Storm, Rain, Hail, Grey, Greyer, Very Grey, Storm. Daffs are being flattened. I give up and have retreated to computer!!

  4. Great tones within these shots Karen. Spring is here and on its way to you – we mowed yesterday for the first time this season.

  5. Two days ago it got so warm that right before sunset all the snow started to steam. The trees were a damp black from the rain, shrouded in this bizarre fog that literally rolled down the hills.
    Then it snowed and it all looked like winter again.
    I wish I could have had you right here to capture the moment as you’ve captured these mystical melts.
    As always, beautiful.

  6. The everlasting winter…coming from the West coast, I envy the snow ~ but then I look at the angst in these photos of yours and see the frustration of the extinction of spring (love the title of this post as well). Beautiful Karen ~

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