Residual Garden

These are macro photographs of some of the little seedheads in my garden that are no bigger than my thumbnail. They have been mostly snuggled under snow for eternity the winter… But today spring actually seemed like it temporarily meant business and it got to work rolling back those white carpets that have been covering the fields and lawns and sleepy flowerbeds. A brilliant day full of warmth, sunshine and riotous birdsong. Who could possibly stay indoors?

[From the series In Transition: Seedhead Series. (click on images to view them larger)]

© Karen McRae, 2015

72 thoughts on “Residual Garden

  1. I am loving having my bedroom window open a tiny bit so that the ‘riotous bird song’ can filter in all day long. It’s such a joyful sound, and how I’ve missed it!!

  2. Fantastic, Karen. I was just shooting similar plants when I was in SC. They seemed so hardy to withstand the harsh winter which was not as tough as yours. Here’s to renewal and springtime.

  3. Ah, the flower fairies have been hard at work in your garden. I will take my children to the fields and see what evidence we can find amidst the melting piles.
    Such tiny beautiful gifts. Thank you.

    1. When I was poking around in the garden I noticed the dried spiral leaves of these plants were just as lovely as the seedheads – I’m not sure why I hadn’t noticed this before…? Thanks very much, Elena, today was blissfully warm. : )

  4. Just love these twists and coils – these images are Spring, Summer and Winter to me, beautiful.

  5. These pictures are absolutely amazing! It reminds me of the delicacy with which a ballerina dances. These are stunning!

  6. Such an intricate set of photos. You bring these seedheads into the stark world of fantasy with this series, simply beautiful. And also very good to hear that spring actually does exist in your part of the world ~ hope you are enjoying its freedom!

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