Sketches in Silver and Gold










Just a couple of days with warmer temperatures and the earth has gobbled up all the snow. It won’t be long before the landscape is blanketed in white again but in the meantime we are back to silver and gold. I made these photographs yesterday from the passenger seat of a car. The skies were a heavy grey but I love these moody colours of autumn.

© Karen McRae, 2014

51 thoughts on “Sketches in Silver and Gold

  1. These are fantastic images, Karen. The fluid movement you have captured is spectacular, and with some of them you have the more focused spots that anchor the images, and giving them an almost fairytale look…In rectangular images 2, 3, 4 and 8 as a collection, I half expect to see that the bushes/trees have faces. 🙂

  2. These images are perfect representations of how I see the world. As a registered blind person, I can blow up these wonderful pictures on my screen and see the blurred world and muted colours that are my evveryday world. Thank you for capturing these moments.

  3. Hi Karen – I always envy you’re being able to be passenger in a vehicle – I’m always driving! I’m a passenger maybe 5 times a year! I like these images – my favourite is the one above the bottom of the vertical sequence (not the gallery) – this is the largest image that you have on show here, and I find it very, very striking – yes, the movement is in it, but my overall impression is of a deeply textured representation of a static scene – something out of a book of fairy stories maybe – a fantastic image! Adrian

  4. Wow! I really like the silver and gold! So beautiful! Isn’t nature amazing …? And your seeing of it … You make an excellent team! 😊

  5. Wow. So beautiful, Karen. I’ve missed your work and am blown away by your images once again. The second to the last image, in particular, is like a wonderful post-impressionist masterpiece. Love it!

  6. These seem like stills to a film somehow, I can hear music to fact I would love to write music to them! 🙂 I find them curiously emotional too, somehow they always almost make me want to cry, and I’m not exactly sure why!

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