Sketching Snowfall at Twilight





The twilight comes so early. The origami days will keep folding up tighter for another month. A month before the light begins to stretch back out. And with a bit of snow on the landscape it doesn’t seem so long, really.

[These photographs were made at dusk by ‘sketching’ the landscape using long exposures and camera movement.]

© Karen McRae, 2014

47 thoughts on “Sketching Snowfall at Twilight

  1. Love how you have tied these impressionistic images to the idea of ‘origami days.’ Perhaps you do have some folded light in this series. The light falling in the first image seems to have disappeared in the following scenes. Folded into something else? All very beautiful.

    1. Yes, the headlights from a car turning into the little parking area in the woods lit up that first picture, just as I snapped the shutter. It’s sort of strange but I like the way it worked. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Steven.

  2. It works really well and looks totally natural. What an interesting synchronistic happening. You deal so much with light in your work and here light visits you ‘out of the blue.’

  3. Beautiful images, Karen. Like you perhaps, I like the top one best – because of the wonderful, soft, misty glow arising from the snow and that hard, blue background of blizzard-bound black trunks. I also like the two at the bottom, because the trees – and therefore the freezing fury that they are enduring – are more evident. Adrian

  4. Hi Karen, lovely images; when I read the words about the shortened days I thought the first image might have been intentional, catching the last rays of sun, it doesn’t matter how the light got there, it is lovely.

  5. I can`t really find the right words to describe your series, but I’m absolutely impressed! Those pictures are simply deeply, emotional and stunningly beautiful!

  6. Mysterious, emotive, confusing too, as your mind tries to make clarity from the blur..different shapes move and create themselves..I think you have a film-makers eye often!

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