Dark Leaves

Even as I was in the car driving I could hear the lot of them. They were congregated across the high trees. Arguing. Falling like dark leaves from the branches as they took turns plundering the cornfields. Tiny seeds in greedy black beaks.

[A flock of common fabulous grackles layered with a multiple exposure of trees]
© Karen McRae, 2014

49 thoughts on “Dark Leaves

  1. Usually when I am struck by an image and want to comment, the words come easily. I find with your images, I have few words…not for any other reason than the fact that the speak beautifully for themselves.

  2. I know I leave basically the same comment but I am so impressed with your artistry, Karen. Nothing you do would ever occur to me. I can see this and many others hanging on walls. If they aren’t, then they should be.

  3. A very atmospheric image. There are a couple of rookeries a couple of houses from me, so I’m used to the sounds. I like the term arguing. I’ve often wondered what they’re trying to communicate to each other.

  4. ohhhh… grackles…. i thought they would be crows…. i am still eager to follow them back to their congregational wintering spot in ottawa…. i love seeing the crows moving across the sky.

    and grackles – lovely, lovely birds… such a sheen and surprise of colours glinting at the right angles.

    gorgeous art print – incredible how you melt these pieces together to create such rich evocative pieces.

  5. Reblogged this on FATman Photos and commented:
    An intensely beautiful, haunting image from Karen McRae. OK, its a composite of more than one photo, its probably not what you would have seen had you been there. But, in the presence of such beauty and atmosphere, such considerations are wholly superfluous. Adrian

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