How can it be that we are already immersed in the middle of July? YoungFox2



I have been swallowed by summer, it seems.

Lakes and rivers. Canoes and paddles. Tents and gorgeous weather.
Multitudes of annoying insects.

Brave little foxes and kissing doves.




And colourful fireworks in the garden.



If only we could figure out how to make summer more of a slow dance

© Karen McRae, 2014

97 thoughts on “Foxtrot

  1. The timing and emotions (humans and other animals) in your captures are incredible, Karen.

    On making summer a slow dance, keeping busy usually does the trick!

      1. Time seems to go by faster each year, which is where reinvention comes in, and you’ve certainly reinvented lots of common experiences into spectacular ones, Karen.

    1. Marina! You are in Moscow now?
      It has been a wonderful, mostly outside summer so far. Not so much this week though…
      I hope you find some green grass and tall trees to spend time with.

  2. Les shoots animaliers sont excellent, notamment le renard! Les fleurs sont superbes, Beautiful pictures, congrats 🙂

  3. In a way you slow summer down a bit by sharing these images, giving us all a moment to stop and just look at the summer, really see it. Thank you for some wonderful summer images!

  4. Looking at your pictures is a bit foregetting the problems around us – enjoying life – enjoying summer!

  5. sigh…”If I could save time in a bottle… “. Beautiful photos Karen – I especially love little fox guy lazing about in the grass.

  6. Those fox images are so sweet, Karen. And the flowers are lovely. I’d like to figure out how to slow it all down. With each passing year, the time seems to quicken.

  7. Splendid images, Karen. I long for the slow summer dance too.:-) In the North the summer disappears much too quickly. 😦

  8. What a beautiful little fox and then it just gets better! The second last photo of the flowers is so gorgeous! I would blow it up (not with explosives) and have it take up a large portion of a wall … don’t know which one as they are all mostly taken. But do you mind if I use it as inspiration to maybe paint something? It’s beautiful! Xox

  9. Hei Karen! Looking at your new post on your blog to my morning coffee. It`s like a gift – so full of love and beauty; your pictures and also your writing. I like the mix of different photo design – and I specially like your colorful flowers. I want to borrow from you, some of your text that get right to my heart: “Swallowed by summer” and “ to make summer more a slow dance”. Can I? I do the slow summer right now, and I have to go real slow for finding the gold in myself – slow and be in the moment is a key to happiness, love and creating I think. For some people. Have a lovely, slow summer day! Gro ❤

    1. Hi Gro, what a nice comment, thank you. Yes, use those words and phrases however they fit with your life, I’ve probably borrowed them from somewhere myself.
      These activities feel slow (and wonderful) when you are in them but looking back over the past few weeks it seems the time goes as fast as the swallows fly!

      Happy Summer! ❤

  10. Hi there – I think of you as Queen of Winter, with your ability to find so much to see in subtle grays and faded seed heads, so this is enlightening! The flowers – such interesting images with the narrow focus and contrasting colors. I’m glad you’re drinking it all in. Be well!

  11. Don’t know how I missed these the first time around but now I can reclaim three lost weeks of summer with foxes and birds and flowers. Beautiful images as always Karen.

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