38 thoughts on “Reticulation

    1. Thanks, Ashley, … anytime! : )
      It’s cropped that way because it’s in a circular ‘gallery’, maybe I should just crop it that way …? (she wonders out loud)

  1. More clapping of the hands.. you clever thing you !! I love the round crop too but would have just liked a teeny bit more space above his top wing.. ( gosh I am being picky!!

  2. When I came across with this word last time was, 50 years ago, when I was experimenting with B/W film process = film emulsion crinkled when there was a big temperature difference between the chemicals. (I wasn’t aware that the name of the
    line in a Microscope image-field = Reticle was the same word)
    So, to learn this rather archaic connotation afresh in a visual sample is a good education. (Looks a part of Classic !)

  3. Love the textural effect, the reticulation. Recycling the flight of the imagination? The image somehow spooks me! It has a touch of the netherworld – capturing ghostly imagery. Interesting work.

  4. We, metalsmiths, also use reticulation (creating textures on the surface of the metal with the torch) – so interesting to see how (beautifully) it translates into another medium. Great photo, Karen. Haunting, poetic.

  5. I love it! ItΒ΄s like looking at an old painting and at a fleeting moment at the same time… (And yeah, the round crop suits it very well!)

  6. Oh I like this, Karen, you’re definitely getting into the surreal here and I like the effect very much. The circular crop adds to it, as does the blurring of the woman’s features. By the way, don’t know whether you’ve seen it or not, but there’s a new post on my blog – Winter Dawn – which may be your sort of thing. Adrian

  7. Like a fairy tale waiting to be born. Beautiful! I really like the crop as well – there’s something a bit Victorian about it, which enhances the fairytale-ness even more.

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