83 thoughts on “Trichoto(me)

  1. Hi Karen – this one is great – it is amazing how our mind/eyes deal with the multiple layers. I think we actually really ‘see’ more the way your photo works, than when we look at really sharp ones.

    1. Thank you, Christian. I like your take on it, somehow abstracting things just a little can make an image more visceral. Anyway, it’s fun to experiment!

  2. Unique as usual Karen Quite thought provoking in many ways. I’m interested to know how this idea came to you – was it by accident or pre thought ? I hope to learn from you!

    1. Hi Lesley, the ability to take multiple images in-camera intrigues me (my camera will allow for 2-3 exposures in one frame), so I’ve tried applying it in many ways to see what’s possible. I’m still learning!
      I started first by trying layered landscape images but I liked the idea, too, of making photographs of the figure with perceptible and almost imperceptible movements. Blurring the lines in part of the figure but not in other parts. I’ve tried it with both white and dark backgrounds and I quite like the painterly feel the dark background gives. I am working on a series with the figure in the landscape and using this technique. It’s both challenging and interesting and fits with my explorations in how we relate to and connect to the landscape.
      Thanks for your comment, Lesley, if there is anything else you would like to know about the technique I’d be happy to share anything with you. I hope this answers your question.

      1. Indeed it does Karen thank you so much for the reply. It is interesting for me to see how as an artist you create and the way you approach projects on your journey, your work for me is always so stimulating and beautiful – so thank you Lx

    1. Oh, thank you Tin Roof! Yes, I don’t often show self portraits but I’ve been thinking more about adding the human element to my work so I’ve been playing with some ideas. I’m glad you like it.

    1. A very kind comment, Richard, thank you. I’m happy you like it, I wasn’t sure how people would respond to the multiple exposures, if maybe they were unsettling somehow. which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing…

  3. WoW!!! this is so beautiful! And its so much better on the big (computer) screen than my tablet, which took away the beautiful, beautiful colours in the background. Aren’t you lovely?( yes!) 🙂

  4. I love all kinds of experimentation in photography, I guess it’s professional deformation.
    This “experiment” of yours is brilliant. Keep making them and showing them, please!!

  5. How photogenic you are.. as I said, beautiful and with your style and creativity apparent in every photograph you take, this is no exception. Fabulous!

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