Road Stories



A winter sky and roadside grasses. The sky actually looked just like this, with rainbow colours shimmering at the edges of the clouds. The little bird flew right into the frame just as I pressed the shutter.

[Photographs made while riding in a moving car.]

© Karen McRae, 2014

36 thoughts on “Road Stories

    1. Thank you. I confess I was not familiar with that acronym!
      I guess there are both kinds of movement really, car and camera. I was panning the camera as I was making pictures.

  1. I love your “moving car” photos.. I always have visions of you driving AND taking the photos ( of course I know that’s not the case or at least I hope it’s not !!)

  2. Hi Karen! I like the top image most of all, that really does it for me as a driving picture. I think its the relatively clear structure of the foreground grass, then the more visible streaking against the darker hillside behind – and, last, those blurred and ghostlike trees faintly seen against the sky. Good stuff! Adrian

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