Cold Blue



ColdBlue1It’s hard to resist the beauty of a really cold morning (-25c early this morning, according to our thermometre). At the edge of the rapids the turbulent water shifts the forming ice into different shapes and during the cold nights the surfaces grow carpets of feathery frost. The horizon is lost in a fog of water vapour.

FeatherFrost3A closeup of feather frost on an icy surface

GoldenEyeDucksAs I was out making photographs I spotted many brave ducks that seem to be willing to tough it out and spend the winter in and around the open water. Pictured are a couple of shy goldeneye ducks above, and what I think is an American black duck below.

The-Misted-CityA little glimpse of the city which is not far away

[Similar ice compositions to a post I did last year here, but the cold is a month earlier!]

© Karen McRae, 2013

50 thoughts on “Cold Blue

  1. Beautiful blues. All this blue. Blue and white in details and patterning. Those sticks under snow look like ducks in a mystery cloud. You make it all huge and shifting and Moby Dick mythical yet delicately intricate at the same time. Beautiful images to revisit!

  2. The one with the feather looks to be getting out from a « Draw and Shoot » world… I really like those temperature Karen. We here are slowly getting out from it. We reached -32°C last week and heading for a 0° at the end of this week. Damn it. So enjoy it Karen and have a nice week!

  3. It seems that the cold is a month earlier in many countries this year, here too!
    You always manage to make this harsh season look so warm and inviting. Beautiful, my dear Karen. 🙂

  4. The last photo gives the post such meaning. We are never far away … 🙂 Beautiful! And guard to believe – its baking here and steamy! 🙂 Meryl Xmas dear Karen! xo

  5. Its hard to imagine your ethereal alien-looking world with such cold but beautiful blues. The temperature here is forecast to reach 40+ celsius on Thurs.

  6. A beautiful and varied collection. I particularly like the wider ‘scapes – the first two and the last. The choice of ice blue is very effective.

  7. So unique and beautiful! They bring to mind a long landscape of flowers, or an ariel shot of birds gathered together on an island..oh how I long to go there!

  8. Beautiful pictures, Karen – and they certainly make me shiver! My favourite is the one at the bottom – I think the juxtaposition (what a great word!) and all that ice, and the mist too, really hammers home how ice and snow-bound the whole place is. Adrian

  9. This almost looks like home.. cold blues and lovely ice patterns, minus the trees and city scape in the background. Lovely series, as always, Karen.

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