Gold & Silver

GoldenMussel shells just under the surface and golden light on ice

Flight-and-fall2A chickadee in flight and leaves in the creek

It’s quite cold here now. Yesterday I bundled up and spent several hours outside. The birds were very busy foraging for food and the chickadees were especially friendly. They would land on my shoulder or hand, unexpectedly, expectantly. A gentle whirring sound of wings in my ears. And the most tender questioning “peep peep” from a nuthatch that flitted close by, wondering too, if I had little seeds in my pockets. I did.

As it becomes very cold the landscape transforms in strange and wonderful ways. The ice forming at river’s edge is bordering on Seussian but I haven’t yet found a way to make good photographs. Photographs that show the magic of it. Part of the fun is trying to figure that out, I suppose. Anyway, if you are looking for gold and silver, it’s not far away. You just might have to dress warm.

StarlingsWater reflections and starlings in flight ~ there seems to be a flock of them hanging around for the winter

© Karen McRae, 2013

108 thoughts on “Gold & Silver

  1. Love these photos! So fun to have wild birds trust you enough to land on your shoulder! Will look forward to more of your winter photos.

  2. This is a beautiful post – not only the photos but your words added so much to the enjoyment. How lucky you are to have had birds land upon you so trustingly.

  3. Karen… This is too long waiting for the next artwork!
    But it’s worth it waiting! Fabulous Karen! You redefine what is the meaning of photography. You inspire me!

  4. Wonderful images!

    “Anyway, if you are looking for gold and silver, it’s not far away. You just might have to dress warm.” — Thanks for the reminder; It’s so easy to just stay inside by the fire and miss it.

  5. I really appreciate the way you comment the pictures you take. You don’t do it that often but every time it’s like opening a treasure, image and words together, thanks !

  6. Beautiful tender photos and lovely thoughts Karen! I agree gold and silver aren’t far away. And I like your idea of finding a way to photograph the magic of something.

  7. your light paintings are filled with natural mystery. gold and silver. showing the grace in nature, and what happens if we take a moment to be aware of the beauty around us . gold and silver. i can hear the rush of air around the bird’s wings. gold and silver. i can smell the richness of the jeweled water. gold and silver. i’m hooked!

    1. Thanks very much, I’m glad you enjoyed this series.
      I guess I didn’t explain that last photograph very well. It is a photograph of starlings in flight layered with subtle water reflections – so two photographs merged; not actually reflections of the birds.

  8. Beautiful pictures, Karen! I particularly like the chickadee shot. You’ve captured the bird very well, and those faintly seen trees or shrubs in the backdrop, along with the faint textures in the snow, make a fascinating shot – a shot that I wish were mine! 🙂

    I also like the colours in the mussel shells in the first shot. And those Starlings look like the ones we have here – I had no idea they are in the New World too. Good stuff! Adrian

  9. Oh I missed this in the reader – thank goodness for the Monday morning summary notice from Draw & Shoot. So so lovely – the golds, the silvers, the soft lilac colour, the spirit birds… delightful!

  10. I read this as: “a nuthatch that flitted close by, wondering too” if I was a bird. I sometimes wonder, you seem part of this landscape Karen 🙂

  11. I love love love the first two photos, especially together. I think that they both add to the feeling of the other. Beautifully executed, as usual.

  12. Karen,
    Since I’ve been in the city I haven’t been out in nature but know where I could “go” to escape if only for 5 minutes, so I’m here at your blog : ) What magical pictures these are. I so think they are all beautiful but the second one with its gold color is simply delicate and the bird in flight and the photo with all the colors is such a wonderful composition. It’s like listening to jazz….

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