Dances in Light






These little insects caught my eye while they were out playing in the shafts of afternoon light. There can’t be too many more days that will be warm enough for them to venture out but today was beautiful.

It’s not easy to focus on their flitting movements – which appear much like trampolining without touching the ground – but I like the tiny sunlit shapes, and their delicate presence signals a small reprieve from the cold.

© Karen McRae, 2013

70 thoughts on “Dances in Light

  1. I was delighted, Karen, absolutely delighted. You did capture their light and movement. Being childish in thought sometimes I could not help thinking that Tinkerbell had sisters.

  2. Very fascinating image!
    As the beautiful image of plentiful light with flying Tinkerbell, in the same time,
    —– what on earth, what is flying on November, if not Tinkerbell ?
    (If it was an insect = two legs front, two legs stretched to the back = looks like
    Grasshopper ? ? ? —– ON November ? ? ?) Far beyond my imagination. 🙂

  3. These are stunning – I like that they are not all in focus, it makes it look magical and mysterious. Absolutely amazing!

  4. These are so many lovely..they feel like lost wishes maybe, or children’s dreams..there is something very tender and fragile about them..

  5. Beautiful, Karen, and I totally agree about their signalling a temporary reprieve – this reminds me of summer’s last dragonflies perching on metal tubes on the Somerset Levels, to glean the last of the warmth that the metal was absorbing from the weakening sun. Adrian

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