FirstSnow2Passing glimpses of yesterday’s snowfall – the first of the autumn. This morning the temperature has been creeping up and the short-lived snow has been replaced by rain.





[These images were taken from a moving car – lazy, I know…]

© Karen McRae, 2013

59 thoughts on “Wintery

  1. Good morning, Karen – your cold air is heading my way – forecast says maybe a few snow showers early Tuesday – ahh the season is upon us- love the last photo especially – could be a watercolor painting. Enjoy your day – K

      1. Thought so… just teasing, and, by way of confession, I have been known to take photos while driving… I know… I know… Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons… bring on the snow!

  2. Very nice! I especially like the last two with the blurred foreground although the third one has great texture.
    {Hope you weren’t driving though.}

  3. Love these. Very cinematic, *moving pictures* – love the texture and dated feel you’ve created. Almost a ‘worn’ feel to the surface. Like a feeling of what was. Which is interesting because the ‘then’ was almost ‘now’ but you’ve made it feel more archival. Beautiful.

    1. Sure Brandt, and thank you.

      I always use my camera on manual when I’m making these – I play around with the settings until I find a good combination – for example the last photograph’s settings were f/10 for 1/13s. ISO 200. And then, as things are moving by that interest me I ‘track’ them with the lens. This results in the things that are being tracked as having the most amount of focus. It works best with the part of the landscape that is not too far away, I think.

      The sometimes opposing movements in a frame come from the car moving forward and the camera moving with the landscape (opposite direction).

      I hope this explains it a bit. Have fun! : )

  4. what you’re doing recently with focus is potently tremulous in my opinion – unsettling and reorganizing – in other words, effective. I appreciate your work so much

  5. Beautiful and its always amazing how you achieve so much in your work with such a simple yet lovely color palette. The cold weather blast has indeed crept up to the east coast US where I live – I’m feeling quite the chill as I admire your photos, Karen!

  6. Lovely, Karen. Good to be back on WP and see your work. These give me the feeling of reminiscing about days gone by. Thank you.

  7. I love how atmospheric your work is, Karen. When I take photos from a moving car, they end up becoming muddled streaks of colour, whereas your photographs contain lively movement.

  8. Not lazy, but rather (subjectively) real. This is how we see from a moving vehicle, or at least how YOU saw in these particular moments. I love images that capture the feel of motion, rather than merely freeze it.

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