67 thoughts on “What the Water Sees

  1. It’s an interesting question here —– on the perpetual movement of
    reflection, —– has click stopped it or not ?
    What the still image meant to the mind ?

    1. I suppose the still image is like one breath, just momentary. But maybe it fills one up a little the way a breath does.
      The water is restless, as I said… never stopping.
      : )

    1. I like these colours together, too. The colours of autumn are my favourite.
      I guess the moving surface of the creek is multifaceted in a way. An interesting observation. Thanks so much, Judy!

    1. The chickadees are the sweetest little birds. You can coax them to your hand sometimes with a few seeds. Their delicate little feet on your fingertips is sublime.

      For some reason I like combining colour images with black and white ones – and I think it is because there is a sense (almost) of graphite being used. I like that you see that too.

      Thank you, Anna!

    1. I’m glad you like them, David. I was considering printing these out and framing them up. I think I would frame them together as they appear here.
      Thanks very much! : )

  2. Bonsoir Karen ,

    A jouer en l’Onde et ses reflets , je suis aveugle en la matière ,
    sans voir l’essence de la Lumière , au fil des jours la traverser ,
    ainsi le temps fait miroiter , l’oeil au delà de nos rivières ,
    Ce Monde en soi étant à Mère , son regard plonge sur nos années.
    Amitié Légendaire

    1. Thank you, Vibha. Yes, Photoshop can be a bit daunting at first but is very useful for doing anything from making small adjustments to completely reworking an image.
      Sometimes I like the results I get when I layer images together, like the top one. I’m glad you like it.

  3. It’s real magic, how you weave these images together.. the top image in particular feels very much like poetry somehow, layers of a story..and, funnily enough, I never realised that a chickadee was a real bird! So I’ve learned something new today too! 🙂

    1. Hi Cath! : )
      Yes, chickadees are very sweet little birds, very common here.
      Thanks for your feedback, there is a lot of enjoyment in making these images so I’m glad they are telling stories.

  4. I love different perspectives so this idea of “What the Water Sees” is captivating. May it could be a series…. and I noticed your comment about chickadee feet on one’s hand – one of the rare feelings that we are sometimes privileged to sense. They are wonderful creatures to share their wildness with us, even for the briefest moment, aren’t they?

    1. I guess it really is part of a series, I’m glad you like the idea. Thank you, Lynn.
      Yes, it’s quite a privilege to be trusted in that way by wildlife. They are wonderful little creatures!

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