PurpleMartin_SpeedofFlightThe Speed of (F)light

Another Purple Martin (male) caught in flight ~ It is difficult to get a precise synthesis of both focus and movement when photographing these birds – I think this is what interests me the most – but this particular image might be the closest I’ve come. I like the somewhat abstracted nature of the form and the simplicity of the monochromatic tones. They might be getting sick of me hanging around, though…

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© Karen McRae, 2014

Dances in Light






These little insects caught my eye while they were out playing in the shafts of afternoon light. There can’t be too many more days that will be warm enough for them to venture out but today was beautiful.

It’s not easy to focus on their flitting movements – which appear much like trampolining without touching the ground – but I like the tiny sunlit shapes, and their delicate presence signals a small reprieve from the cold.

© Karen McRae, 2013