105 thoughts on “Things Don’t Always Make Sense

  1. If this were a children’s book it would begin:

    It may sound strange, but there was a family of fish, who lived in a home, directly beneath my home. The father fish – of that’s he is called – was Theodore.


    1. A flood, and ark, and two fish, maybe…? It made me think of that afterwards for some reason…
      Thanks very much, Meho, I’m glad you like my absurd art!

  2. may I quote? : “A spinning coin, still balanced on its rim, may fall in either direction.”
    (Annie Proulx) – it would make a perfect movie poster… 😉 great image!

  3. I’m not saying anything that’s not been said! This is beautiful, evocative, surreal and clever. A story in the making 🙂

  4. Beautiful combination of images and great photoshopping. Your imagination in seeing the final image is amazing.

    1. Thank you, Lee. I’m not sure that I have that much insight for the final image., something just compels me to keep working and then it somehow comes together. It’s such a fun process and often surprising!

    1. Hi Steven, yes it’s a bit mysterious how the reflection is clearer than the actual structure. Things don’t always make sense.
      : )
      Thanks for your insightful comments, I’m happy you like it.

      1. Hi Karen, I didn’t know whether it was deliberate or not. I found it a beautiful aspect to a beautiful image. thanks for your reply.

      2. It sort of worked out that way as I was processing and then I liked the idea of the reflection revealing more than the ‘actual’.

    1. Such a lovely comment, Kathleen, thanks so much! Sometimes I wonder about these wonky ideas I come up with… and yet… they just keep coming from somewhere.

  5. I love the colors and the surrealness, makes it pleasant to the eye…I find myself focusing on the fish. Why am I thinking of Huckleberry Finn and the house floating down the Mississippi? (or was it Tom Sawyer?)

    1. Thanks for your comment, Lee, I’m pleased you like it.
      Yes, I think it was Huckleberry Finn that was floating along on that raft. Perhaps it’s the stripped-back structure that brings a raft to mind.

    1. That’s interesting that you say that about ‘Noah’s Ark’ – it occurred to me too, although it was not referenced in an intentional way. But there is a flood, an ark-like structure and 2 fishes… hmm.
      Thanks for your comments, Anna!

  6. Good that the things don’t always make sense: otherwise this picture wouldn’t have existed… Or maybe yes and maybe I just don’t understand yet the sense of this picture! very nice composition 🙂

    1. Sometimes you just have to go with your intuition and gut reactions. who knows what can happen then…
      Thanks for your thoughts, I’m happy you stopped by.

  7. Beautiful use of color and compositing to create another mysterious image Karen. I really enjoy this image though the fish on top is a little disconcerting. I find myself wanting to remove that one yet leave the lower one in; but, as you say, “things don’t always make sense”.

    1. Hi Nick, thanks for leaving you thoughts regarding this image.

      Yes, I wrestled with those slippery fish and I’m still not sure it’s quite right, but one fish just didn’t seem quite complete for some reason (although that was my initial attempt). Perhaps something will change at some point…

    1. A truth within a lie, perhaps…?
      (I see you are from the Okanagan – the house in the image above was actually photographed in Penticton, although it was a while ago now. I love that area!)

  8. I’m wild about this piece! Many great loves of mine combined into one spectacular artwork: fish, derelict/rustic buildings, ghost or mystery stories, digital fantasias…. I adore it. Fabulous!!!

  9. Wonderfully creative and surreal, Karen! Some of your readers seem to find the “flying” fish disconcerting; I love it and I think it really adds mystery and magic to the picture.
    This image calls for a story – but you probably have one.

  10. Reblogged this on reality of photography and commented:
    With this blogger she shows people through the effects on the photo what it was like taking the image. What it felt like standing in that location in the middle of nowhere. Strange, however it relate to the reality within photography. Showing the audience what the place was like makes you feel you are there, that is reality. Making a scene look like what is feels like rather than just taking a plain photo of the house.

  11. I can’t decide if I like this image or not.. hmmmm .. I love the tones and reflective quality that’s for sure.. but the fish ? No it doesn’t work for me.. Gosh did I say that about one of your pices of work karen… that’s a first for sure !.. The title certainly makes sense !

  12. Absolutely stunning, it’s like a beautiful surreal dream with all the possibilities which are not possible in real life! Amazing and in my head it certainly makes sense, I share your vision, love your imagination and appreciate your creativity!

  13. J’adore ce genre de réalisation, c’est vraiment remarquable, bravo ❤

  14. Reblogged this on pristinedivya and commented:
    I wonder, just how many times do we overlook the most enchanting and surreal of things in our mundane existences. Its good that someone is taking out time to share these wonders with us.

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