Open Water

The ephemeral beauty of open water and very cold temperatures.
Hoarfrost2Water vapour rising and coating the nearby flora in thick frost.
Even the ice, struggling to form at the fringes, finds the air so cold it has coaxed downy feathers to grow on its surface for keeping warm.
Of course, there are more interesting and scientific explanations…here and hereFrostFeathers

© Karen McRae, 2013

88 thoughts on “Open Water

      1. Thanks Cath, yes there has been some interesting research about frost flowers on sea ice (obviously the ones I photographed are on freshwater ice…). I’m glad you checked them out!

  1. This is a great series, Karen. I was immediately attracted by the first picture which seems to echo Caspar David Friedrich in quite a sophisticated way … Since I love abstract art, my real favourites (if I were to pick) would be the two last ones though.

  2. Intriguing images. I followed you links to the explanation of what and how these forms exist but I still find it amazing how you are able to locate and photograph such ethereal things. Your images are easily identified by their other worldly softness and fragility. I always enjoy your posts and your writing.

  3. M m m ! —– So, the scientists are after those phenomenon.
    As the downy frost only occurred very narrow band of condition,
    it is even rare to be observed, let alone photographed =
    it’s mean, you Karen has been very lucky to be there as almost
    Karmic encounter !
    (Though, the Report didn’t elucidate what BrO does with this phenomenon
    —– didn’t this frost flowers exists before the depletion of ozone layer ? )

    1. Yes, I was very happy to find these. It was VERY cold when these formed and they don’t last too long – a day perhaps.
      The science regarding these is quite interesting.

  4. I’m loving numbers 3 and 5 esp. As always, super images, Karen! 🙂 Although, those snow feathers are stunning too!

  5. Most beautiful. Again, every image is mysterious and in some we are even challenged to ask what we are looking at. The first one looked like an explosion of ice. These are the striking images of COLD. Thanks so much.

  6. de la même manière, la lutte décrite entre glace et rivière est magnifique. Curieux je n’avais pas fait attention aux textes précédemment et me concentrais sur les images. Il y a une réelle poésie qui nous ouvre d’autres perceptions. Merci pour ces découvertes.

  7. I simply cannot believe some of these photos. First of all, those with more colour look like beautiful impressionist paintings. And the others ,,, well, you are blowing my mind … in a good way …. as usual! 🙂 Joy to you Karen and your ice-feathery world. 🙂

  8. Perhaps the finest of all your winter works of this year. Some of those ice crystals appear to be taking the shape of wings. Makes me feel whimsical. I assume it must be your photographers eye but I sometimes wonder if you live in a land of magic.

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