I will be moving to land soon. I’m starting on a new project that is very land based.
But like anything that is land based it flows back to the rivers, lakes and oceans in some way. Connections.

I was thinking about this as I was walking along the shoreline early this morning, garbage bag in one hand and a delicate bird skull in the other. It is rare that I don’t pick something up, even if it’s just to examine it. After 3 hrs I had a full  bag of garbage and remembered I hadn’t had breakfast yet. Priorities.

It is the first day of spring but it is like we have skipped spring and moved directly into summer. We are entering our 3rd day of +25° c and the next 2 days are to be the same. It feels very strange, in the same way that it was odd when the robins stayed all this past winter. Like they knew what was ahead. Nature adapts so quickly and responds so intuitively.  Instinct.

I’m still on river time, but things are flowing gently and the fog is burning off.

All images © Karen McRae

51 thoughts on “Shifts

  1. Ohh I am there, in this space, totally awed by the beauty. It’s like a thick skin is slowly peeling off and revealing life again. Great work as always Karen, it’s a daily joy to visit here. Send some of that 25 degrees over here please! 🙂

  2. Singularly beautiful as always.

    I’m a little wary of this too warm weather. I’m hoping that next winter will bring familiar winds, snow and ice and fade naturally into a spring with a little more “spring”.

    Love your three relevant categories and look forward to your land series.

  3. Such gorgoues dreamy images. But the part that got my attention the most was “After 3 hrs I had a full bag of garbage…” Thank you for being such a great steward of what we have been blessed with.

  4. Looking forward to your new project! Good to be so wrapped up in something that you forget to eat 🙂
    And I thought #5 in this series has a Georgia O’Keefe look to it.

  5. When you see the nature is in their silent state, you hold your breath too.
    But, when they showed a sign of drama, you always go to see its rather demonic
    face, or even look into a chasm. May be with a kind of child like curiosity with excitement. —– I can’t wait to see whether you start dancing like an ancient Goddess, when you see the flowers spreading all over the field. 😀

  6. What a stunning series. Such quietly powerful shots, with a just a touch of the eeriness that I feel when in Nature, one that makes my soul bow down in humbleness to the greatness and the power of the beauty that surrounds me.

  7. It’s that seamless whole again! Words and pictures as one. You are capturing that ever-changing river-scape perfectly!

  8. I am beginning to get to know your river, so different from our own. There is so much to see in your photos. I do have two favorites this time, the two you numbered 8 and 9. The first for the foggy trees in the distant and the latter for the wonderful shadows.


  9. Gorgeous writing and pictures! But where are you going? To the city? And where are you now? Are you a mermaid? 🙂

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