75 thoughts on “In A Fog 2

  1. The landscape is always so beautifully barren and bleak. It really forces you to look for the uncommon beauty that most people ignore.

    It’s almost a light theme in your work and definitely the thing that keeps drawing me back here.

    1. A man stopped me when I was photographing the shoreline, he said:
      “Can I ask you, do you see something that I don’t see?”

      that question has been bouncing around in my brain for days…

  2. Wonderful again, yes the last one has so much going for it. But I like the cracked Ice in picture one, a real feeling of the cold depth of the fog.


  3. They’re all great images, but the way you captured the (ghostly) stateliness of the trees in the last one is breathtaking because of the contrast with the liveliness of the geese in the foreground. Beautiful stuff.

  4. Beautiful, as always, Karen. And even though I’m repeating many of the comments, the last shot is incredible. Great work!

  5. As I scrolled down and saw the trees in the fog I was delighted. I love photos of trees emerging out of the fog, then I continued to scroll and the two geese made it absolutely perfect!!

    You are right, photographers do see the world differently. With luck others see what we saw in our finished work. 😉

      1. It ‘s not the driving it is it just takes us so much longer to get there. We never know how often we’ll have to pull over and stop!!! Someone was joking about a person who couldn’t figure out how long it would take to drive 80 miles if you were going 80mph. I replied, “depends on if they are a photographer.” Someone else replied, “Depends on how many small children are in the car.” 😉

  6. Wow what a collection.. You have a great talent for capturing nature in all its beauty.. love especially the last shot…

  7. omgosh … love it so much! Beautiful. Actually haunting but in a non-scary way. There is a fairytale in the last photo. 🙂

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