In A Fog

In my mind I am here, on the breakwater. The lonesome sound of seagulls overhead, thick fog and the early promise of a warm day. Shades of grey enveloping me like an old friend. A thermos of coffee beside me and ancient boulders beneath. Connected.

All images ยฉ Karen McRae

49 thoughts on “In A Fog

  1. Otherworldly pristine beauty. They are all stronger for the series yet perfect individually. Stirring, detached, reserved and inviting. A genesis of opposites–art.

  2. These are overwhelmingly powerful [just looked up an saw that Lois used the same word!] – indeed they are. I hope you will have a chance to have prints of them up on wall with loads of space around them!

  3. These are getting better and better! It’s almost as if you are in a plane, flying over, looking down..wonderful sense of wild space..

  4. Karen, may I describe these as majestic? Magnificent shots of seemingly neverending scapes. Wonderful words to match the powerful images. (Otherworldy again too ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

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