44 thoughts on “Cusp

  1. Bonsoir Karen ,

    Au Détour de l’Hiver , sur vos Terres se fait Jour ,
    Un Regard dont le Cours , Perçoit Bien des Mystères ,
    Fragiles & Ephémères , Sous Bois vous font la Cour ,
    A l’Oeil entre Deux Tours , Vos Feuilles sont Lignes Claires .
    Chapeau & Belle Soirée

  2. I’m running out of adjectives to describe your work Karen, I may have to resort to the thesaurus but for now I’ll say what I’ve said many times, simply beautiful. The colours are gorgeous and the tension created by the drop of water, hanging there, suspended in time, makes this image particularly, very special indeed.

  3. Ok, just picked my jaw from off the floor! Stunning! And that droplet, there seems to be a whole biosystem in there… it looks alive, it looks complete onto itself like it has everything it needs to be what it is. So beautiful it hurts.

  4. Like the worldliness of these – the shift in emphasis (from your recent posts) is very interesting – as the weather becomes more crystalline and delicate, so the plants become more robust. Beautiful shots.

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