Sliver-thin Layers and Double Exposures

ShroudedSliver-thin layers and double exposures. From the series Surface, Submerge.

© Karen McRae, 2013

I suppose this image doesn’t seem to have much to do with the rest of this post but it is woven in with a fine thread…

In the past few months I have been very fortunate to be included in a couple of wonderful publications and I thought I would mention this as a way of perhaps introducing these magazines to anyone that might be interested.

The first is a gorgeous publication from the Netherlands called “Flow Magazine” and they included this blog(!) in an article all about nature blogs. (*Although the article is in Dutch, Flow Mag has recently started issuing international copies of their magazine in English. Also, I recommend checking out some of those other nature bloggers listed if you have the time.)

You can find a copy of that article here: Flow Magazine ‘Groene Bloggers’

I am honoured, also, to have art from my ‘Surface, Submerge’ series included in the latest print issue of Art & Science Journal along with some other very accomplished artists.

You can find that article here: Surface, Submerge
As well as print issues, Art & Science Journal has a very beautiful and interesting blog.

Many thanks to both of these publications for the recognition, and for allowing me to ‘reprint’ these articles [*copyright of these articles remains with each publication]. I hope you get a chance to check them out – click on the images below to be brought to their home pages.

FlowMagazineCover copyArt&ScienceJournalthumbnail copy

97 thoughts on “Sliver-thin Layers and Double Exposures

  1. First of all Congratulation!
    Of course, you deserved to be recognized as the exceptional photographer.
    From the first moment when I saw your snowy photos of woods, I knew you got
    eyes (and extraordinary effort) since I followed (two years now ? )
    The top photos are in deed exquisite as the ART.

  2. Excellent news, Karen. You really are very unique in your work and I am so glad to hear about your being included in these publications. Don’t you love the Dutch illustrations? Very happy for you.

  3. Good for you, Karen; now even more people will clap their hands knowing they do believe in faeries for having seen your works. Awesome!

  4. Great news Karen and justly deserved – congratulations – hopefully this will continue to grow your reputation as a very fine photographer. Love it and well done!

  5. Omg little sister!!!!! This is so cool, I WANT COPIES! I’ll be investigating how to do it. I’m so proud of you sis! Gob smacked.

  6. I am delighted for you Karen. I am constantly in awe of your vision and the delicacy and poetry of your images with their slight understatement. Bravo!

  7. Beautiful shots, Karen. I really like these double exposures. And congratulations on being profiled in these two gorgeous publications! I’ve opened them up in new tabs and will read the articles.

  8. Congratulations, Karen! How great – they’re both really nice articles. Think Tianmo Zhang describes your work particularly well. Very desirable magazines. Love the two images at the top of the post too.

    1. Hi Richard, thanks very much.
      Tianmo did a nice job I think. She spent quite a bit of time interviewing me and trying to understand the spirit of my work. I’m not sure I express it very well myself.
      I’m glad you like these images, too!

  9. Congratulations. Karen, I love your work. The first photo also makes me think of the exhausted swallow from Thumbelina.

    1. Thanks very much, Hanneke. I hadn’t thought about that but I completely see what you mean about the swallow.
      Yes, I think this seagull is exhausted … completely.
      It looked so utterly peaceful.

  10. I thought that star in the sky had your cheekbones! You are a star Karen! Your work/ play is UNBELIEVABLY beautiful, considered and show stopping! 🙂 Enjoy everything!

  11. Karen, I knew from the first time I saw your work that you had something really special – I just know these are going to be exciting times for you, and richly deserved! x

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