50 thoughts on “Transitions in Grey

    1. Those rocks sort of jutting up and breaking through the ice looked kind of surreal, I couldn’t quite capture the dimension they have so I’m glad you still respond to the image.
      The landscape is changing dramatically as things melt. Thanks Marina!

  1. You always push the boundaries..these are like the finest watercolours.. I particularly like the bottom one with the weight of colour and interest moving from right to left…great composition.

  2. Where is this beautiful landscape?! it’s like a dream you’re praying not to wake up! You have this ability to transform through your camera any image to a dream…

  3. Just arrived to your blog from Cruz del Sur’s. Amazing images. Congratulations. I follow you. Regards from Madrid

    1. Ray, It actually was raining and windy. It seems I can’t resist heading out in bad weather, my poor camera!
      I was thinking from a distance the ice and snow sort of read as waves so It’s neat that you get that sense also.

  4. Karen,
    Your pictures remind me of a very quiet dream in which there is no air ( does that even make sense?) The third one was my absolute favorite. Again, you tap into a part of the human psyche that’s very solitary and removed. You say so much with so little. Simply lovely…

  5. You look like you live on another planet. (Oh wait, you are from Canada, right? :D) But to be totally serious, your pictures takes me to another world ^^ The second one reminds me of wounds on the earth… : / It’s a very sad and beautiful loneliness….

    1. It’s quite possible I do live on my own little planet Moofie! 🙂
      I’m glad you like these, I like the idea of transporting people to another world. Thank you.

  6. Those images overlapping with my memory, when I literally lost direction
    in the mountain and in metaphor, when I lost direction in my life. ——-
    By the way, [ Like ] button started to ask my pass-word of which WP’s
    other program or other company who designed [Like] is going to utilize
    it in their SNS kind of data exploiting program. (Otherwise why they need it ?)
    So, I stopped to click. Sorry.

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