Through the Raindrops

Looking through the windshield on a rainy afternoon …

I made some photographs outside of the car, too, but it was this view through  wavering raindrops that truly caught my eye.


© Karen McRae, 2016

Fluid Limbs

Underwater1A double exposure (the figure), water reflections and merged layers. You have to learn how to swim in all this rain…

© Karen McRae, 2013


We’ve been having bits of rain today. It is a sweet relief for a parched land with cracking earth, wilting trees and low rivers. The mudflats stretch on and on like a low tide.
I rarely insert myself into the landscape but today I felt part of it.

Ottawa River

All images © Karen McRae

The Weight of Water

The heady fragrance of rain is filtering in through the windows. A rain that has been holding off for so long it is welcomed. A smell that feels like a luxury, much like putting your head on a pillowcase that has spent the day outside tracing shadows on the ground. Sun drenched. Rain drenched. It is the balance that is perfection.

A West Coast garden

All images © Karen McRae

Grey is the New White…

rain is the new snow and warm is the new cold. Truly is doesn’t feel like winter when it’s 10° Celsius and you can walk around without a hat or gloves. Not a trace of snow. December, is this really you? I realize it could all change quickly but winter has been moving in at a snail’s pace.
All images © Karen McRae