61 thoughts on “Wind Sketches

  1. Ha ha ha , So, this time you are showing that the nature can wobble too.
    Still, they are very Karen like photo.
    (technically, to capture moving thin branches without disappearing on the
    white background must be very tricky shot. Beautifully very well done)

    1. Hi Carla, I don’t mind sharing that at all.

      I used a range of shutter speeds but in the first one I stopped it down to f/29 at 1/5 of a sec. and used a polarizing filter so I could make a longer exposure without overexposing the image.
      It was quite windy! On a calmer day I might have gone with a
      slightly longer exposure.
      (I also layered 2 images in the first 2 photographs but the last one is just as it turned out..
      Thank you Carla.

      1. Hi Karen, I love the simplicity of and the negative spaces of the first one. I haven’t used filters (I have one) so this is helpful to me. I think it is so interesting how we are creating new sets of images in this new medium, digital imagery. Even the paintings take on a new look.
        Thank you Carla

  2. Particularly enjoy the last one Karen.. and like the first too. The 2nd one doesn’t work so well for me this time.. It is just a little too blurred for my taste πŸ™‚

  3. Your images regularly make me feel like I’m straddling that fine line between dream and reality (and I LOVE it)! Visiting your blog is always a treat Karen!

      1. That you are a great artist. Your work makes the viewer think, imagine, dream… πŸ™‚

  4. It’s all been said by everyone else! Love the minimal but full nature of these! They bypass by visual filters and hit deep! Great stuff, Karen.

  5. What a brilliant way to take advantage of a blustery day, when nothing holds still enough to focus on!

  6. Karen, I find these images incredibly moving. I just keep going back to each one to see which one draws me in the most and find that they are ALL successful. There is something magical about each one, but for me, there is something extra special about the second one.

  7. I really like the ‘fuzziness’. It looks like how I feel by the end of a busy week. There, but some bits of me don’t feel quite real.

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